Tactical RPG Game, Waven, Has Demo At Steam Next Fest

Fans of Ankama Studio should look no further than Steam Next Fest to get their hands on a delightfully fun demo of the multiplayer Tactical RPG, Waven.

For those unaware, Ankama is home to a diverse pool of content, which includes board games and animations. Wakfu and Doofus are some of their long-running IP, and the similarities are easy to notice.

In-game screenshot

What is Waven?

Handling much like an MMO, players will see and maybe even interact with one another as they explore a magical chain of islands in Waven. You will aid a handful of colorful NPCs by taking on quests that will bring you to numerous islands and perils. Players begin by choosing their class, each with its own specialization, before heading out on their adventure.

With the world flooded only a decade ago, each island will offer different survivors and stories to engage in. Players will need to take on quests to acquire gear, spells, companions, and more if they hope to get stronger. Much of the narrative in Waven plays out during combat, with battle requirements occasionally changing the pace of the game.

The action takes place on a grid, where you control your character from turn to turn. You can choose to either move or attack each turn, while also having access to a deck of spell cards. Spells are tied to a regenerative resource but also come in different elements, building up the corresponding aura with each use. This further forces players to be strategic with their choice, as aura allows players to summon allies to the fight.

Here is what you can expect to do in Waven:

  • Deep turn-based tactical combat
  • Deck building and RPG progression
  • Class-specific playstyles: Healer, Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Assassin available in the demo
  • Krosmoz graphic style
  • PvE, PvP, and Island Defense game modes
  • An expansive world of islands to explore
In-game screenshot

Waven Release Date and Demo Details

While a release date is still undisclosed, those interested in taking to the seas can rejoice as Waven will be a free-to-play title.

When it does release, players will be able to adventure on PC, MAC, and mobile devices. The game will even allow for cross-platform multiplayer and the use of the same account between platforms.

For now, players can head over to the game’s Steam page to check out the Waven demo on PC.