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Swashbuckling Seafarer, Sail Forth, Sets Sail In 2021

Sail Forth is an exciting new sea-faring adventure game from David Evans Games and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and is releasing on all platforms this year.

Sail Forth will take you to the high seas as a sea-faring cap’n awaiting adventure! You’ll go from being in charge of a measly ship to a giant customisable fleet, all while adventuring through procedurally generated campaigns! Each time you jump into a new game, you’ll be greeted with an entirely procedurally generated map with unique islands of various biome types.

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Each island offers a range of quests to complete from stealing treasure from a Skull Clan fort to rescuing a friendly sailor who ran aground. Each island also contains its own unique flora and fauna and features an ambient soundtrack! Is anyone else getting No Man’s Sea vibes?

As you sail the high seas, clashing with those scurvy dogs (is that the right term?) and yella-bellied good-fer-nothin’ scum (I get all my pirate knowledge from Pirates of the Caribbean), you’ll find new boats which can be added to your fleet. The more you find, the bigger your fleet will grow, but don’t worry, all ships not directly under your control are AI manned and can be given simple orders. Or, perhaps you fancy a hands-on approach, in which case you can switch between ships quite swiftly.

Sail Forth Combat
Image Credit – David Evans Games

The game will also feature a realistic-ish physics system based on real buoyancy and wind force calculations. Never fear you simulation-hating-players, as this game will not be overly simulation focused, so you’ll be able to enjoy it casually while retaining the feeling of really sailing.

If you’re partial to a spot of customisation, then look no further as you’ll be able to pick your own design and colours for the sails of your boat and unlock new designs as you play. On top of that, you’ll get the chance to equip your boats with a variety of weapons and equipment.

If you’re brave enough to tackle the high seas, then Sail Forth sounds like the game for you! It’s releasing on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam sometime this year.

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