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Suzerain Announces New Premium DLC and Free Content

Torpor Games and indie label Fellow Traveller are happy to announce a major premium DLC expansion for their critically acclaimed political RPG, Suzerain, and a huge free upgrade to the base game.

Suzerain is a choice-based diplomacy game, where the player assumes the role of Anton Rayne, the newly elected President of the fictional country of Sordland in an alternate 1950s. The game has garnered praise for its deep and nuanced exploration of politics through a human lens, garnering over 500,000 individuals. You can check out our full review of the game here.

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What is the Suzerain Kingdom of Rizia DLC?

The Kingdom of Rizia premium DLC expansion puts players in the shoes of King Romus Toras of Rizia, four years before the events of the main game. In this extension of the Suzerain universe, players navigate a complex web of political and personal relationships with royal houses, councillors, and country leaders. The DLC offers a fresh narrative perspective of a monarch and expands on the lore and world map of Suzerain.

Ata Sergey Nowak, Managing Director of Torpor Games, said: “The Kingdom of Rizia DLC represents a new chapter for Suzerain and Torpor Games. We are expanding on our universe to bring a unique narrative experience of being a monarch. Step into the shoes of King Romus Toras to manage Rizia at a turning point in its history. Players will face new moral, political, and emotional choices in a condensed and impactful experience.”

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What is the Suzerain 2.0 “Amendment” Update?

Alongside the new Kingdom of Rizia premium DLC, the Berlin-based developers also revealed a huge free update for the base game.

The 2.0 “Amendment” update provides a complete overhaul of Suzerain, with new dialogues, choices, consequences, improved visuals, UI, world map integration, and interactions. The update enhances every aspect of the game with audiovisual improvements, bug fixes, and writing enhancements.

The 2.0 “Amendment” update will launch in the summer of 2023, with the premium DLC coming later in the year. The DLC and update will be available on PC initially, with plans to bring them to Switch and iOS/Android later.

Currently priced at US$14.99, Suzerain will receive a price increase to US$19.99 after the 2.0 “Amendment” update’s release to reflect the increased value provided through the update and to support the ongoing development of further free updates and premium expansions. The game is currently on a 70% discount on Steam until May 11th for the LudoNarraCon festival and will be discounted again during the summer sales and when the 2.0 update launches.

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