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LudoNarraCon: The Narrative Games Festival Returns in May

The fifth edition of Fellow Traveller’s digital narrative games festival, LudoNarraCon, will take place from May 4 to 8. The festival will feature panels from both established and up-and-coming developers, and a total of 44 games will be exhibited.

LudoNarraCon 2023 is an initiative by Fellow Traveller, a label known for creating engaging narrative games such as The Pale Beyond, Beacon Pines, Citizen Sleeper, and Paradise Killer. As a pioneer of the digital game festival, LudoNarraCon replicates the community-led atmosphere and engagement of physical events through a global online format hosted on Steam.

The Invincible - In-game Screenshot
The Invincible – In-game Screenshot

What Demos are Available at LudoNarraCon 2023?

LudoNarraCon 2023 will include 44 story-rich games, more than 14 live panels and fireside chats, and over 35 playable demos on Steam.

Some notable demos being made available digitally for the first time include:

  • The InvincibleSteam
  • Harmony: The Fall of ReverieSteam
  • Goodbye Volcano HighSteam
  • Stray GodsSteam
  • Dordogne Steam
  • Demonschool Steam
  • Mythwrecked: Ambrosia IslandSteam
  • And a new unannounced game from Fellow Traveler!
Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical - In-game Screenshot
Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical – In-game Screenshot

What Panels are at LudoNarraCon 2023?

This year’s LudoNarraCon will have more than 14 panels, including fireside chat discussions with Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island), Felice Tzehuei Kuan (Life is Strange), and Scott Chen (Opus: The Day We Found Earth). Fellow Traveller Games will also reveal a new game and celebrate the one-year anniversary of Citizen Sleeper during the festival.

LudoNarraCon 2023 is a digital festival featuring 44 exhibiting teams, over 35 demos, 12 hours of streamed panel discussions, and more than 60 hours of video content. Attendees can also access over 140 narrative games on sale in a special promotion.

Dordogne - In-game Screenshot
Dordogne – In-game Screenshot

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