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Stunning Tactical Rougelite, Netherguild, Receives Free Demo

Developer David Vinokurov has announced that a brand new demo for his upcoming tactical roguelite game, Netherguild, is live on Steam.

While the full Netherguild experience is due around Q3/Q4 of 2022, solo developer David Vinokurov has released a free demo for his stylish debut game. This generously packaged sneak peek into the game’s wonderful world will allow players to not only have fun but also give constructive feedback on its various mechanics via the developer’s Discord. You can check out the game’s trailer via its Steam store page.

Image Credit – David Vinokurov

What Is Netherguild?

Netherguild is a tactical roguelite set in a delightful – and slightly adorable – fantasy world. Its voxel visuals bring to life randomly generated dungeons for you to explore to your heart’s content. You’ll encounter various creatures that would love nothing more than to ruin your day, fun events to overcome, and resources to manage. Suffice it to say, ensuring the safety of your party at all times is paramount in this increasingly challenging turn-based adventure. Here is some of what you can expect to experience in the game’s demo:

  • Fight against a range of enemies in increasingly intense turn-based combat encounters
  • Overcome text-based encounters with varying consequences depending on your choice
  • Choose from four unique classes, each with three distinct skill trees, personalities, and more
  • Manage the resources of your party to ensure their survival
  • Explore a beautiful fantasy world brought to life by a vivid voxel aesthetic
Netherguild - Combat
Image Credit – David Vinokurov

Release Date

The Netherguild demo is available for free on the game’s Steam store page. You can head on over there to download it and wishlist the game so you don’t miss out on future updates.

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