Starfield Dream Home

Starfield: Is The Dream Home Trait Worth It?

Starfield has plenty of traits to choose from when starting a new game, and the Dream Home is definitely a unique one.

Every new player can pick three traits for their characters, and while it’s not entirely clear what the Dream Home trait does initially, it’s actually one of the best traits in Starfield.

What is the Starfield Dream Home Trait?

The Dream Home trait in Starfield lets you own a big, fancy house on a peaceful planet. This house comes with a mortgage of 125,000 credits, and you must make weekly payments of 500 credits, but this money only covers the interest. You can get to your Dream Home after you finish the first big quest in the game, called “One Small Step.”

The Dream Home includes two floors, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also has a huge kitchen with a Cooking Station, two open areas on the first floor, and another living room and large patio on the second floor. This means you’ll have plenty of space and options for customisation.

Starfield Dream Home
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Is The Dream Home Trait Worth It?

The Dream Home Trait is definitely worth it, and arguably one of the best Traits in the game.

You can earn the required 125,000 credits in about 10 hours of gameplay if you collect and sell random items. The Dream Home gives you an incredible amount of space and customization, especially when compared to the little cost you pay. Therefore, if you want a home early in Starfield, then this trait is a great pick.

How Can I Access the Dream Home?

You can access the Dream Home after you complete the first main quest called “One Small Step.” Once you finish this quest, a notification will pop up to tell you your Dream Home is ready.

Usually, the house is on the planet Nosoi, which is close to New Atlantis. To get inside, you need to pay 500 credits at the front door every week.

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