Starfield: Best Starting Traits

Starfield has diverse character creation and deciding your starting traits can transform your journey.

While some traits offer allegiance to factions and certain companions, the choices you make can dictate several factors of your space odyssey early on. Luckily, we have compiled some of the best traits for anyone starting out in Starfield; here are the best ones to pick.

Best Starting Traits to Pick in Starfield

Hero Worshipped

Have you ever wanted your own “yes man” to join you on your adventures while also helping out in any way they could? Well, the Hero Worshipped trait is a good candidate for that in the form of the Adoring Fan NPC. Players can interact with him and assign him to either help out at an outpost or as part of the crew on your ship. As a note, the Adoring Fan can ramble a lot but what he offers is worth it.

Trait Effect: Adoring Fan will badger you often, however, he can join your crew on your ship or work at an outpost. Also, he will give you gifts.

Removal Method: Dismiss or eliminate the Adoring Fan to have the trait taken away.

Adoring Fan Starfield
Adoring Fan, Image Credit- VG247


Those who prefer to have companions with them on their Starfield adventures should definitely look to adding the Empath trait. Companions tend to be a big help and with the pros and cons of the trait being so clear, gaining the upper hand in fights would be incredibly easy while having the trait equipped.

Trait Effect: Performing favorable actions that companions approve of will boost effectiveness in a fight. However, performing unlikeable decisions will lower the effectiveness.

Alien DNA

Those looking to play a bit safe in Starfield should look into acquiring the Alien DNA trait as a priority. As it boosts the player’s vital stats, it could come in handy, especially during the early game encounters. Even though healing items take a hit with effectiveness, the boost in stats is worth the trade-off.

Trait Effect: Increased health and oxygen stats but the effectiveness of healing items is lowered.

Removal Method: Visit a doctor and pay to have the DNA spliced from your character. Doing so will remove the trait permanently.

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Kid Stuff

Having parents in a game usually isn’t a choice but in Starfield, it’s actually a starting Trait. Fortunately, your parents are wholesome, provide great banter, and add an additional immersive factor to the game. You can check out more information about Kid Stuff here.

Trait Effect: Your parents are alive and well, and you can visit them at their home in Pioneer Tower, New Atlantis. They will provide you with gifts and frequently show up during your playthrough.

Removal Method: Players can converse with their parents and let them know they can’t keep sending credits to play for the house. Doing this will cause the trait to be removed permanently.

Kid Stuff Trait - Starfield
In-game Screenshot

Dream Home

The Dream Home trait is a great choice for those looking to have a place to call home at the start of the game. The mortgage cost for the house is a lot but it gives you an additional location to store items and a place to resort to when you need a break. We covered what comes with the house in the Dream Home trait here.

Trait Effect: Players will start the game with a large, customizable house on a peaceful planet. However, the negative to this trait is that players are slammed with a 125,000 credit mortgage to pay off and it has an amount that must be paid every week.


Taskmaster is a good trait to have for those looking to plan ahead with caution concerns maintaining your ship in the game. As space battles are prominent and the player could be under constant threat from pirates or other factions, your ship is bound to take damage. The Taskmaster perk will definitely be useful to help alleviate the concern.

Trait Effect: Having crew members on your ship trained in different sections of your ship, if that specific section falls below 50% health, it will be automatically to full health. The caveat to this trait is that the hiring cost for all crewmates is doubled.

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