Spider-man 2 Platinum Trophy

Spider-Man 2: Every Trophy You Need for Platinum

Spider-Man 2 is an easier game to obtain a platinum trophy, so it’s definitely a game that gamers should look towards if they enjoy trophy hunting.

In video games, trophies serve as both rewards and challenges, marking your milestones and pushing you to tackle specific tasks. Here is the full list of Trophies for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

Every Trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

NameRequirementTrophy Grade
Fully LoadedPurchase all of Spider-Man’s Suit Tech Upgrades.Bronze
Brooklyn PrideComplete “A Gift”.Bronze
My CommunityComplete “Hard Bop”.Bronze
Funky Wireless ProtocolsSolve the mystery of the Spider-Bots’ origin.Bronze
StylishEquip a suit styleBronze
Stack LineStealth takedown 25 enemies in stealth from the Web Line.Bronze
Hang TenPerform 30 Air Tricks in a row without touching the ground.Bronze
Home Run!Round the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium.Bronze
Just Let GoAs Miles, find the science trophy Miles and Phin won together.Bronze
You Know What To DoAs Peter, visit Aunt May’s grave.Bronze
SoarUsing only your Web Wings, glide from the Financial District to Astoria (Wind Tunnels are okay!)Bronze
SplatAttempt and fail a trick before “landing” on the ground.Bronze
A New AdventureHelp Howard.Bronze
ResourcefulCollect a total of 10,000 Tech PartsBronze
Co-signingComplete all Tech StashesBronze
New York, New YorkComplete all Photo Ops.Bronze
Another WayComplete “No Escape”.Bronze
I QuitComplete “This Isn’t You”.Bronze
OverdriveAs Miles, use Reverse Flux to pull 6 or more enemies together simultaneously.Bronze
You’re Gonna Need HelpComplete “Surface Tension”.Bronze
Antitote Defeat a Symbiote that is under the effect of Anti-Venom status.Bronze
A New SuitAcquire the Black Suit.Bronze
Behind the MasksComplete “Grand Finale”.Silver
Data CollectorComplete “Target Identified”.Silver
Crimson HourComplete “It Was Meant for Me”.Silver
ExterminatorComplete all Symbiote Nests.Silver
Grains of SandPiece together broken memories.Silver
Leave Us AloneComplete “Don’t Be Scared”.Silver
The Great HuntComplete “Anything Can Be Broken”.Silver
MedicineComplete “It Chose You”.Silver
Seek and DestroyComplete all Hunter Bases.Silver
SurgeUse Symbiote Abilities 25 times during Symbiote Surge.Silver
To The MaxPurchase all Gadget UpgradesSilver
Kitted OutPurchase all available SuitsSilver
AmazingReach max levelSilver
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-ManComplete all FNSM requests.Silver
FoundationalComplete all EMF ExperimentsSilver
EvolvedDefeat 100 enemies with Evolved Venom abilitiesSilver
Armed and DangerousDefeat 100 enemies with Spider Arm abilitiesSilver
Heal the WorldFinish the main storyGold
Superior100% Complete all districtsGold
DedicatedCollect all TrophiesPlatinum

These are all the Trophies and Achievements in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Make sure you check out our Game Hub for all the news and guides on the game.

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