Second Extinction

Second Extinction: Release Date Confirmed

[Update] Second Extinction servers have been shut down. Unfortunately, after multiple seasons, the game did not make it out of the Early Access phase. Helldivers 2 feels as if it’s the spiritual successor to the game, and we highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t.

Originally announced back in May, Second Extinction is an upcoming 3-player online co-op FPS, where players work together to take down large groups of mutated dinosaurs.

Today, the Second Extinction team has announced that the game will be an Early Access title. The Early Access release date is set for September, so we only have to wait a month to start killing some dinos.

Second Extinction
In-game Screenshot

With the release of early access, Second Extinction’s original plan for a summer beta has been canned. To compensate, they are offering rewards in the form of cosmetic weapons and character skins for those who signed up for the beta. Amir’s Track Star Skin and White Flame Weapon Skin will be available at release alongside the original referral incentives on the Second Extinction War Support.

The announcement also comes with a new game mode for Second Extinction. War Effort is a live global meta-game that converts the game’s three-player cooperative action into an entire community. In an interview with IGN, the Second Extinction development team explained how War Effort works: “Essentially, the activity of the dinosaurs is constantly monitored and each area gets a Threat Rating – 1 being the smallest, 3 being the highest. These dinosaurs are pretty relentless. If you go squash ‘em down in one area until the threat level drops, they’re going to move to another area and subsequently that threat level rises. It’s like whack-a-mole with claws and gibs.”

The community will have to work together each week to lower the rotating threat ratings. Killing the Dinosaurs will give you parts that will allow you to upgrade gear. The higher the threat level, the more difficult the dinosaurs. Thus, the better loot you receive for killing them.

Second Extinction will also be available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2021. Pre-order now for early access on Steam.


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