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Sand Land: All Main Missions & Side Quests

There are a lot of missions to get through in Sand Land. So, if you’re wondering how long you have left, here is a full list.

Sand Land’s main story is relatively lengthy, spanning stealth missions, action-packed escapades, and quiet moments with your band of friends. This long story is told across several missions, and there are even Side Quests that further flesh out the wonderful world and lore of Sand Land. Below, we’ve listed absolutely every mission in the game, including both main missions and side quests.

All Sand Land Main Missions

There are 30 main missions in Sand Land. The first 14 cover the original manga’s storyline, while the remaining missions focus on new content that will feature in the anime’s second season. It will take players around 25 hours to complete Sand Land and see its credits roll. Here are all of the main missions in Sand Land:

  • Water Delivery!
  • Hitting the Road
  • Head to the Legendary Spring.
  • Get food and water in town.
  • A tank? Sign Me Up!
  • Need a Lift, Ann?
  • Tank Repairs
  • A Jump-bot?! Gimme!
  • The East Valley
  • Speaking the Truth
  • Headin’ South!
  • The Legendary Spring
  • Royal Secrets No More
  • Water to the World!
  • Delivery for the Picchi
  • Surveying the Big Dam
  • Rao’s Suspicions
  • Aquanium Recovery
  • To Forest Land!
  • Rescue Mission!
  • Sunken Battleship
  • A Man of Chivalry
  • On the Brink
  • Taking Back the King
  • To Trikke, Pronto!
  • Joining Forces
  • Counteroffensive!
  • A Royal Rescue
  • The Two Kings
  • The Flying Fortress Garam
Sand Land Stealth mission

All Sand Land Side Quests

There are a number of side quests available in Sand Land. These become available when you reach the main mission A Jump-bot?! Gimme!.  These are ideal for earning extra zeni and unlocking new vehicle parts. By doing them, you will also help to rebuild Spino, which unlocks new vendors and items to buy. We haven’t discovered every side quest in the game, but here are all of the ones we currently know about.

  • Task from Mayor Tor
  • Desert Soldier
  • Lost Peddler
  • Suspicious Cave
  • Slacker Junker
  • Car Part Scavenge
  • Gifted Flowers
  • Tinkerer Siblings
  • Dispirited Diamond
  • Light on the Hilltop
  • Mysterious Voice
  • Saving Sis
  • EX Chip Hunt
  • Payment in Paint
  • Top Time Triumph
  • All for the Hopper
  • Vow of Family
  • From Lifeless to Lush
  • Treasure Trek
  • Brothers’ Oath
  • Operation Bororo
  • A Girl’s Gratitude
  • Prince of Racing
  • Build a Zip Line!
  • Furniture Favor
  • Town Waterwheel
  • Exquisite Cuisine
  • Retired Racer
  • AWOL Tinkerer
  • Serious Settler
  • Sand Land Santa
  • Missing Supplier
  • Face Your Fears
  • Fortune Teller’s Fate

We’ll be sure to update this article when we discover the remaining side quests in Sand Land. For now, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more articles just like this one.

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