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Remnant 2: How to Unlock Stonebreaker

Remnant 2 has some seriously powerful weapons, and Stonebreaker might be one of the best weapons in the game.

As Remnant 2 continues to grow, with sales surpassing over 1 million units and many more secret items and weapons coming to light, the Stonebreaker is a must-try weapon for any melee-combat players.

Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss
Remnant 2 – The Corrupter

What is the Stonebreaker?

The Stonebreaker is a massive stone greatsword. It is reminiscent of a mini-boss that is part of a boss fight in the Red Throne area of Yaesha. It is a weapon that excels in dealing with crowd control along with heavy damage, albeit at the cost of slower swinging. This is a weapon that would work well in any player’s loadout.

The weapon mod associated with the Stonebreaker assists with crowd control. Known as “Faultline”, the mod generates shockwaves on the ground that deal massive damage. A fantastic use for dealing with crowds, being surrounded, or just general chip damage against an enemy boss. A key note to remember is that melee weapons cost stamina to use their mods and not mod power, so the Stonebreaker is a fantastic weapon for those building heavy into stamina.

Remnant 2 Stonebreaker
Stonebreaker, Remnant 2

How do you get the Stonebreaker?

The process to acquire the stone greatsword is actually two-step, with the first part being more of a challenge and will rely on re-rolling if you don’t get the specifics. The first part of obtaining the weapon requires defeating the Corrupter boss. The boss is located in the Red Throne area of Yaesha. However, the actual prerequisite requires players to defeat the Corrupter without downing the Stone Guardian mini-boss once. This is a tough challenge, but the weapon is worth it. If done correctly, the player will earn an item called “Hollow Heart”.

Once the item is earned, the next step is to go to Ward 13 and have McCabe, the weapons upgrade merchant, craft the item. Players must make sure to have the following beside the Hollow Heart: 7 Lumenite Crystal, and 650 scrap. Once all crafting requirements have been met, the weapon can be crafted and is yours to keep.

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