Pokémon Unite Gardevior Key Art

Pokémon Unite Update Introduces Gardevoir and Charizard Gets Nerfed

The first Pokémon Unite update since launch introduces Gardevoir as the first new Pokémon to be added, alongside some bug fixes.

Pokémon Unite is the latest MOBA in town, which was released last week on July 21. In a standard match, players compete in 5v5 matches that last just 10 mins. Teams will work together to destroy the opposing team’s score goals, while simultaneously protecting their own. It’s entirely free to play and easy to pick up. If you want to learn more, you can check out our review here.

Gardevoir Abilities and Price

The first update to Pokémon Unite introduces players to Gardevoir. This Pokemon is an attacker, with low endurance, mobility and support. Gardevoir is set at Intermediate difficulty, offering ranged and area-based attacks. They will also be able to hinder their opponent’s movements. Gardevoir is available in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 8000 AEOS coins and 460 Aeos Gems.

Here is the full description of the abilities:

  • Move 1 (R)
    • Teleport – Has the user warped to the designated area, increasing the damage dealt by one basic attack after warping.
    • Psyshock (Optional Lv. 6) – Attacks the designated location three times. This move’s cooldown is reduced each time one of these attacks hits an opposing Pokémon.
      • Upgrade: Also increases the damage this move deals each time one of its attacks hits.
    • Future Sight (Optional Lv. 6) – Sets a delayed explosion. When the explosion hits an opposing Pokémon, it reduces this move’s cooldown.
      • Upgrade: Resets this move’s cooldown when the explosion hits an opposing Pokémon.
  • Move 2 (ZR)
    • Confusion – Attacks straight in the designated direction.
    • Psychic (Optional Lv. 8) – After hitting an opposing Pokémon or travelling its maximum distance, deals damage over time to opposing Pokémon in the areas of effect and decreases their movement speed for a short time.
      • Upgrade: Reduces this move’s cooldown.
    • Moonblast (Optional Lv. 8) – Has the user attack while moving back to create distance. When the move’s blast hits, it deals damage to opposing Pokémon in a cone and leaves the opposing Pokémon closest to the user unable to act for a short time.
      • Upgrade: Also grants the user a shield when this move is used.
  • Unite Move (ZL)
    • Fairy Singularity – Warps space in the designated area, drawing in opposing Pokémon. Shoves and deals damage to opposing Pokémon the instant the warped space disappears.
  • Passive
    • Synchronise – When an opponent inflicts decreased movement speed or damage-over-time condition on the pokemon, the same is inflicted on that opponent. This ability goes on cooldown after it’s triggered.

Evolution: Ralts Lvl 1 – Kirlia Lvl 6 – Gardevoir Lvl 10

Pokémon Unite Gardevior Key Art
Pokémon Unite —Gardevior Details

Bug Fixes

A few bugs have been fixed in the latest update, which includes nerfing Charizard. Before the update, Charizard, paired with Muscle Band, would output over 3 times the amount of damage after it used its unite move. This suggests it might have been a little overpowered.

Pokémon Unite is free to play MOBA, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Players who log into the game before August 31, 2021, will receive Zeraora, the Mythical Electric-type Pokémon.