Torn Away Key Art

New Gameplay Trailer Unveiled For Mixed-Genre Game, Torn Away

Today saw the release of a new gameplay trailer for Torn Away, Perelesoq‘s and Nordcurrent‘s upcoming, poignant war story.

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About Torn Away

Torn Away is described as a mixed-genre game, featuring an important narrative, as well as puzzles, point-and-click, minigames, and more. The game sees a variety of genres combined to form a beautiful and also unique experience.

Set during WW2, Torn Away is inspired by the diaries of the children of the war. It aims to explore the hardships non-combatants faced while living in Europe in the 1940s. The narrative follows the story of Asya, a lost orphan who escaped from a forced labour camp and consequently must now cross the wintry wilderness of Germany and Poland to make her way home.

Players should expect to face harsh elements of nature, intriguing puzzles, and a variety of gameplay types, including hiding from soldiers and searching for shelter and food. Watch the trailer below for an insight into some of these features.

Our goal as a studio is to captivate our audience with thoughtful storytelling, beautiful visuals and expressive music. We want to use this incredible interactive medium of games to explore important stories from history and give players a more pensive and empathetic experience. Torn Away is more than just a game, an entertainment product; it is a unique way to understand the tragedies of war from a child’s perspective. 

Artem Koblov, creative director at Perelesoq
Torn Away Key Art
Torn Away — Steam Screenshot

Torn Away is intended to release this Winter. Whilst it’s not currently available for pre-order, you can wishlist the game on steam, here.

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