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Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket: Release Date, Features & More

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket was revealed at the latest Pokemon Presents event. Here’s what it is and when you can play it.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is an exciting new mobile game that allows you to collect, trade, and battle with your Pokemon cards, just like the old days. It is a separate entity from other similar Pokemon TGC games and focuses more on the collecting side of things, rather than battling. We go into everything you need to know about it below.

Pokemon TCG Pocket Release Date

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is set to release sometime in 2024 – an exact release date is unknown. The release window for the game was revealed during the Pokemon Presents livestream event that took place on February 27, 2024.

Though an exact has not been revealed, we know it’ll be coming to both iOS and Android devices at some point in 2024. We’ll be sure to update this article when an official release date is announced!

Player opening Shiny Moltres in Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket

What Is Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket?

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is a new mobile game coming to Android and iOS devices in 2024. It brings the extremely popular and beloved Pokemon Trading Card Game to the digital format on mobile. It involves collecting an assortment of Pokemon cards to battle and trade with friends.

The main feature of Pokemon TCG Pocket is the ability to collect cards by opening card packs. The app will allow players to sort and showcase their card collection in virtual binders, display boards, and decks. What’s more, Pokemon fans can open two packs per day at no extra cost! This implies that you will be able to purchase more packs if you wish.

In addition to collecting Pokemon cards, you’ll also get to battle with them. There is a new Quick Battle mode with streamlined game rules based on the existing battle system. This allows you to play faster matches while on the move. You can also easily trade with friends in a similar way you’ve always done with your real collection.

Side by side of two players battling each other in Pokemon Trading Card Game

One of the coolest aspects of Pokemon TCG Pocket is its Immersive Cards feature. Here, players can “leap into” the world of the card’s illustration, which is a really neat way to showcase your favorite cards.

Anyone familiar with collecting Pokemon cards will know all too well the excitement of ripping open a fresh pack – this is something the app looks to do a great job of emulating. You swipe the screen, rip open the pack, and revel in delight as you sift through your new cards. Fingers crossed on getting shiny! That’s all for now on Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket. For more guides like this one, check out our Guide Hub here.