Shiny Shroomish Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: Can You Get Shiny Shroomish?

Shroomish is set to feature in the upcoming Pokemon Go Oddish Research Day event, and many players will want to know if they can snag a Shiny Shroomish.

The Oddish Research Day event will feature Shroomish as a wild Pokemon encounter, so there is no better time to catch a Shiny Shroomish in Pokemon Go.

Can You Catch A Shiny Shroomish in Pokemon Go?

The good news for all Shiny hunters out there is that you can encounter and capture a Shiny Shroomish in Pokemon Go.

The likelihood of encountering a Shiny Shroomish in Pokemon Go stands at a mere 0.2%, equating to a 1 in 500 chance. This is the base rate for most Shiny Pokemon and implies that you’ll need to interact with approximately 500 Shroomish before you’re fortunate enough to come across its elusive Shiny variant.

Shroomish Shiny Comparison
Shroomish (Left) – Shiny Shroomish (Right)

What Does Shiny Shroomish Look Like?

Shiny Shroomish has a similar base colour to the original but with a vibrant twist. The bottom half and spots of the base Shroomish are a morning blue-green colour, which is significantly different from the Shiny variation that sports a more mandarin-orange colour.

Shiny Shroomish is a noticeable improvement from the original, so it’s always great to add another distinct Shiny to the collection. Make sure you check out our Game Hub for all the latest guides on Pokemon Go.