Kleavor in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: Can You Get Shiny Kleavor?

The Hisuian evolution of Scyther can be caught in Raids in Pokemon Go, so players will want to know if they can grab a Shiny Kleavor.

With Shiny variants holding substantial bragging rights in Pokemon Go, players always want to add another one to their collection, especially if it looks appealing.

Can You Catch a Shiny Kleavor in Pokemon Go?

Fortunately, you can catch a Shiny Kleavor in Pokemon Go. Therefore, many players who enjoy raiding can feel better knowing that catching Kleavor more than once is worth it. Particularly, if a Shiny Kleavor is on the cards.

Kleavor can be caught in 3-star Raids and is not available in the wild. While this might be upsetting for Shiny-catching Pokemon enthusiasts, the possibility of catching a Shiny Kleaver is better than some of the other newly introduced Pokemon.

Shiny Kleavor in Pokemon Go

What Does Shiny Kleavor Look Like?

With Shiny Kleavor being available in Pokemon Go, we know exactly what it will look like in the game. The Shiny variation of Kleavor is similar to the standard version but with an army-green hue. Kleavor is usually a boy red-brown colour.

Luckily, Shiny Kleavor is a noticeable change, which is different to other Paldean Pokemon, such as BombirdierMake sure you check out our Game Hub for all the latest guides on Pokemon Go.


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