September PS Plus Games

PlayStation Plus September Games include Saints Row, Black Desert, and Generation Zero

Sony has announced the lineup for the PlayStation Plus monthly games for September, which include Saints Row, Black Desert: Traveler Edition and Generation Zero from Tuesday, September 5th until Monday, October 2nd.

PlayStation Plus members will also have until Monday, September 4th to download the August PlayStation Plus games: PGA Tour 2k23, Dreams and Death’s Door.

Saints Row – PlayStation Plus September

Saints Row – PS4 / PS5

In Saints Row, you join a gang in the fictional city of Santo Ileso and work to become the top gang in town. You start with small jobs, like stealing cars and fighting other gangs, and then move on to bigger missions, such as robbing banks or taking down big rivals. As you succeed, you earn money and respect, allowing you to purchase better weapons, cars, and even buildings.

Saints Row provides a lot of freedom to choose how you want to climb the criminal ladder. You can shoot your way through enemies, drive fast cars, or even glide around in a wingsuit. If you want to share the fun, the game allows you to play online with a friend at any time. Together, you can take over Santo Ileso and become the ultimate crime bosses.

Black Desert – PlayStation Plus September

Black Desert – Traveler Edition – PS4

In Black Desert, you enter a big fantasy world where action never stops. You pick from different character classes like warrior, mage, or archer, each with their own special fighting moves. You can fight quick battles against monsters or go for bigger challenges in wars with lots of other players.

Players can also become a trader, buy and sell items, or focus on fishing and catching all sorts of fish. With the Traveler Edition, you get the base game plus extra features and items, making the experience even better.

Generation Zero – PlayStation Plus September

Generation Zero

Generation Zero is a first-person shooter game set in an alternative 1980s Sweden that has been invaded by mysterious robotic enemies. The game features an open-world environment where you can explore, fight, and survive either alone or with up to three friends in online co-op. The robots you face are tough, and you have to be smart in how you fight them, often using guerrilla tactics to win. You can loot these robots for parts to improve your weapons and equipment.

The game also allows you to build and improve bases for safety and better planning. The atmosphere is tense, mixing elements of survival and exploration, as you try to figure out what happened to the people who used to live there.

When Will The PlayStation Plus September Games Be Available?

The PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for September will be available from Tuesday, September 5th until Monday, October 2nd.

Make sure you add the August games to your PlayStation library before they expire on Monday, September 4th.