Saints Row A Song of Ice and Dust DLC

Saints Row: A Song of Ice and Dust DLC and Free Update Details

Deep Silver and Volition are happy to announce the launch of their third DLC expansion for their modern reboot of Saints Row, titled A Song of Ice and Dust.

The latest update, which sounds a lot like a Game of Thrones reference, introduces a new story for the recently-added district of Vallejo.

What is Saints Row: A Song of Ice and Dust?

A Song of Ice and Dust is the third and final DLC for Saints Row after the previous expansions, The Heist and the Hazardous and Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus.

A Song of Ice and Dust transports players into the intriguing world of Vallejo, a crumbling district that sets the stage for an enthralling LARP (live-action role-playing)-themed tale. The DLC invites players to experience the gripping climax of Saints Row’s beloved Dustmoot storyline, focusing on the complex relationship between two “frenemies” – the enigmatic Boss and the fiery Gwen.

Following a harrowing and treacherous wedding betrayal of the Dustlanders, the narrative propels players into a collaborative effort to safeguard The Dustfaire from the clutches of the Chill Queen and her icy minions, the Frostlanders, one paintball at a time.

What to Expect From A Song of Ice and Dust DLC and the Free Dustfaire Update?

A Song of Ice and Dust DLC introduces five new campaign missions, a new enemy faction (The Frostlanders), four new vehicles, new weapons, and more than 20 additional outfits and cosmetics. The DLC follows the game’s third major free update and features fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Here is what you can expect in the free “Dustfaire” update:

  • New Vallejo District
  • New @atcha and wingsuit saboteur activities
  • Improvements to customisation including improved layering on clothing
  • New pop up shop, discoveries, and threats
  • Challenge tracking and achievement/trophy fixes for completionists
  • More main game improvements and bug fixing in multiple areas

Saints Row: A Song of Ice and Dust is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and on PC via the Epic Games Store. The game will release on Steam on August 24, 2023. The DLC is also a part of the Saints Row Expansion Pass.


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