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PlayStation Plus December Games Feature Lego 2K Drive, PowerWash Simulator, & Sable

The monthly PlayStation Plus games have been announced for December. This month includes a co-op racing game, a critically acclaimed indie darling, and some power-washing fun.

The December PlayStation Plus games include Lego 2K Drive, PowerWash Simulator, and Sable. These games will be available for players to download starting Tuesday, December 5, 2023. It should be noted that the November lineup will be expiring on December 4, 2023. So, you’ll need to download the currently available games soon if you don’t want to miss out. Below, we explain what you can expect from each game.

Lego 2K Drive – PS4/PS5

In Lego 2K Drive, you’ll explore an open world either in local co-op or with up to five players online. It includes game modes such as the Cup Series, Story Mode, and various Race Modes, like side missions and mini-games. You’ll have access to race across diverse terrain in Bricklandia, including streets, seas, and sands; race anywhere, with anyone in your dream Lego-made ride.

PlayStation Plus December Game – Lego 2K Drive

PowerWash Simulator – PS4/PS5

PowerWash Simulator lets you experience the satisfying nature of cleaning up grime on various surfaces, including vehicles, buildings, parks, and more in Muckingham. When playing alone or with a friend in co-op, you’ll earn money, which allows you to do bigger jobs as you progress in the game. You must use your professional power washer earnings to upgrade your equipment. Your gear is comprised of washers, nozzles, cleaning fluids, and extensions, all of which feel extremely satisfying to use.

PlayStation Plus December Game – PowerWash Simulator

Sable – PS5

Sable is a visually stylish game that will take you on an unforgettable, beautiful journey as you uncover who Sable is under her mask, using her Gliding, her rite of passage. It’ll take you through various places, including deserts, landscapes, the remains of spaceships, and ancient wonders. You’ll scale ruins and dunes and discover other nomads either on foot or on your hoverbike, all while soaking in the beautiful soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast. Most importantly, you can discover all of these forgotten mysteries at your own pace, making it a truly relaxing, combat-free experience.

PlayStation Plus December Game – Sable

When Will The PlayStation Plus December Games Be Available?

The PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for December will be available from Tuesday, December 5, 2023, until Monday, January 1, 2024. It should be noted that any games downloaded from PlayStation Plus will be kept in your game library as long as you are subscribed to the service. If your subscription expires, you’ll no longer have access to the free games you have downloaded.