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Payday 2 is Available For Free Ahead of Payday 3 Launch

To celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated heist game, Payday 3, in September, Pay Day 2 is available for free in August.

For the uninitiated, PAYDAY is a series based around pulling off big-city bank robberies. Up to four players work together to plan and orchestrate high-octane crime sprees. Altogether, this includes holding hostages, securing the loot, making your escape, and epic firefights. With a decade between instalments, it’s safe to say fans are ready for Payday 3.

How to Download Payday 2 for Free

Payday 2 is available in August as part of Prime Gaming’s free games. You might be thinking that this isn’t entirely free, but once you download a game on Prime Gaming, they are yours to keep forever — or at least until Amazon decides that you can’t have access anymore.

Nonetheless, players can sign up for a free trial account here, grab all the games that are free in the month of August, like Payday 2, and cancel their subscription without paying anything. There are also plenty of other games and bonuses available, so make sure you check them out as well.

Payday 3 Key Art from Gameplay Trailer

Payday 3 Release Date and Beta Details

If you want to try Payday 3 early, the game will be available via a closed beta from 2-7 August. You can sign up through the Payday siteSteam store, or Xbox Insider Hub for a chance to join the beta.

For those who do not get a chance to try out the beta, PAYDAY 3 is right around the corner with a September 21st release date.

The game will be available on PC via Steam, Game Pass, and the Epic Game Store, as well as Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Preorders are currently available with three digital and two physical editions starting at USD$39.99.


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