Pyrin Noct Palworld

Palworld: Where to Find & Catch Pyrin Noct

Pyrin Noct is a dark/fire-type horse that is a great addition to your team in Palworld. Here are all the details on where to find it.

Palworld is filled with useful Pals that aid in important in-game tasks like obtaining passive resources. Pyrin Noct is one such beneficial Pal that can help by lighting fires and with lumber, and we have all the details you need on where to find and catch one.

Where to Find and Catch Pyrin Noct in Palworld

Pyrin Noct can be found in the volcano biome in the southeast area of the game. Players can access a popular spawning area using the Mount Obsidian Midpoint fast travel location. The Pyrin Noct is a nocturnal version of the species; players can only find it at night. Ensure to be at the following area found on the map below to find the Pal:

Pyrin Noct Map Palworld
Pyrin Noct Locations in Palworld

Catching a Pyrin Noct is no simple feat, and players must be prepared accordingly. Bringing a Dragon or Water-type Pal is recommended as that is what it is weak against. The following are some choices of Pals to bring along:

  • Surfent (Water)
  • Gobfin (Water)
  • Relaxasaurus (Water/Dragon)
  • Chillet (Ice/Dragon)
  • Elphidran (Dragon)

Next is your equipment after assigning your best choice of water or dragon Pal to your team. As the Pyrin Noct is in a hot area, heat-resistant clothes are needed so you do not get damaged by the climate. Also, ensure you bring a Giga or Hyper Sphere, as it gives you a better chance to catch the Pyrin Noct in Palworld.

Pyrin Noct Palworld screen
Image Credit – Dot Esports

What Does Pyrin Noct Do in Palworld?

Pyrin Noct works well with kindling and lumbering in Palworld. Assigning it to the former means it can start fires, while lumbering will have it taking down trees for lumber. Obtaining a Pyrin Noct is excellent for both uses, as it will help to get a campfire going and keep you warm during cold nights. Players who may look to get other work done can have the Pal do lumbering so it can acquire wood for the base passively. Lastly, players can use the Pyrin Noct as a mount to travel, and it will apply dark-type damage to your attacks while riding it.

Once you find yourself a Pyrin Noct in Palworld, go to our Guide Hub for the game, where we have more helpful guides and information.


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