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Outriders Broadcast To Outline Demo Details This Week

Square Enix has announced that Outriders, the upcoming RPG-shooter by developer People Can Fly, will receive a fifth broadcast this week.

Outriders is an upcoming third-person shooter by People Can Fly, the developers behind Gears of War: Judgment and BULLETSTORM. It is being published by Square Enix and is quickly becoming one of this year’s most hotly anticipated games. The broadcast, which will air this Wednesday, 24th of February, is the fifth in a long line of Outriders broadcasts. Each broadcast has given us more details about the upcoming title, leading us to the game’s launch in April.

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The Broadcast

Outriders’ fifth broadcast is scheduled to air at 9:00amPT/5:00pmGMT/6:00pmCET on Wednesday. It will be accessible over on Square Enix’s Twitch account. It is set to offer details on the upcoming demo for Outriders, which is launching the following day on Thursday the 25th of February.

So far, we don’t know too much about the demo. It’s releasing PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam and will, of course, be available for free. Thanks to a Twitter thread courtesy of People Can Fly, we know the following details:

  • It launches on February 25th at 5pmGMT/6pmCET/9amPT
  • It will feature the prologue and the first chapter of Outriders’ campaign.
  • Once the main missions of the demo are completed, some side missions will become available.
  • The demo will include all four classes, as well as six character slots.
  • You’ll be capped at level 7 for all characters.
  • Once the full game launches, any progress you’ve made in the demo will be transferable (so long as it’s on the same system)
  • Crossplay is available in the demo; however, you will need to enable it in your settings manually.
  • The file size on a console is 22GB, and on a PC, it’s 24GB.
  • You will not be able to preload it (have fun waiting for it to download on day one).
Outriders - Gameplay
Image Credit – People Can Fly

There is still so much left unsaid about the demo. Will it be playable without PS+ or Xbox Live? Is it going to be made available for Google Stadia, as the full game will be releasing for that platform? How long will those first few chapters last? Well, if you’re as curious as I am, then head on over to Square Enix’s Twitch this Wednesday for more details!

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