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Opposyte Brings Combat Racing Game Action to Fortnite Creative

An innovative game mode is available now in the Creative mode on Fortnite; Opposyte brings a new competitive aspect to the battle royale.

Brazilian studio Shed of Ideas developed Opposyte entirely inside Fortnite Creative. The game tasks players to complete laps on a race track before the other team. However, there is a twist.

In-Game Screenshot, Fortnite
In-Game Screenshot, Shed of Ideas

Opposyte Mode Details

Opposyte is not just a racing game in Fortnite. It mixes together aspects of team foot racing with combat. Players both begin at the starting line but go in opposite directions. In order to ensure that your team wins over the other, you must stop players from advancing in the race. The twist of how to do so lies here.

Weapons are at your disposal and players must utilize them in order to hold the enemy team from advancing. Moreover, they must also get their team to advance while dodging gunfire from the enemy team. Opposyte involves strategy and whether to combat the enemy head-on or try and dodge combat and reach the finish line.

How players choose to play the mode is up to them but encounters against the opposing team are all a part of the fun. The game utilizes all native languages available in Fortnite, with in-game messages in Portuguese and English.

Mobile Version Details

Shed of Ideas is currently developing a separate version of the brawl-racing game. The other version will feature a different art style in the form of cartoonish graphics.

The game will release on both PC and consoles but looks to benefit from being played on mobile.

Finish Screen - Opposyte
Opposyte Finish Screen – Shed of Ideas

Opposyte Fortnite Island Code

Opposyte is available to play now in Fortnite on all platforms.

The island code to enter is 2775-6976-2815. Players can also access the game mode from the Fortnite website here.


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