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Move Over Starfield, The Invincible Releases in November

Move over Starfield, Starward Industries, Merge Games and 11 Bit Studios are happy to announce their upcoming space odyssey, The Invincible.

Drawing inspiration from Stanislaw Lem’s bestselling book of the same name, The Invincible seamlessly combines vast space landscapes with a captivating blend of retro-futuristic and atompunk design and aesthetics.

What is The Invincible?

The Invincible is a first-person game that is based on the bestselling book of the same name by Stanisław Lem. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Uncharted Worlds: Explore mysterious places like Regis III, where neither you nor the planet were adequately prepared for the encounter.
  • Yasna’s Quest: Assume the role of Yasna, a highly skilled astrobiologist caught in a space race that lands you and your crew on Regis III.
  • From Science to Survival: Your scientific expedition quickly morphs into a perilous search for missing crew members. Each decision you make carries the potential for danger.
  • Cosmic Mysteries: Embark on a cosmic and philosophical adventure set amidst eerie landscapes, uncovering mind-boggling scientific phenomena along the way.
  • Guidance From Your Astrogator: Rely on the voice of your Astrogator for support during challenging moments and to report your discoveries.
  • Humanity’s Unforeseen Threat: Confront an unexpected and profound threat that forces you to reconsider humanity’s aspirations and prejudices.
  • Decision-Making: Your choices decide the outcome as you follow the trail of mystery and navigate the complexities of Regis III.

Release Date and Preorder Information

The Invincible launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam on November 6, 2023. The game will be released with both a physical and digital edition, but the former will only be available at selected retailers across Europe and North America.

There will be two physical editions, a Standard Edition and a Signature Edition. While the Standard Edition only contains the base game, here is what you can expect from the Signature Edition:

  • Physical game with special edition outer sleeve
  • 3D glasses and anaglyph postcards
  • ‘The Invincible’ art poster
  • Embroidered patch and set of 4 enamel pins
  • Original comic book including concept art and digital soundtrack
  • Pocket notebook
  • Signature edition box

Preorders for The Invincible physical edition are open now on the Signature Edition website. If you want to check out more about games in space, you can check out our Starfield Review here.


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