Monopoly Go St Paddy's Party Event

Monopoly Go: St Paddy’s Party Event Rewards & Levels

St Paddy’s Party is the latest Monopoly Go event, and here are all the rewards and levels available for players.

Every few days, Monopoly Go holds events where players can earn thousands of dice rollsStickers, and cash. St Paddy’s Party is the latest event for Monopoly Go, and you can score points by landing on pickup tiles scattered around the board. Here are all the rewards for the Monopoly Go St Paddy’s Party event.

All Monopoly Go St Paddy’s Party Solo Event Rewards & Levels

The Monopoly Go: St Paddy’s Party event has 42 levels of rewards for you to claim in 72 hours, with the event finishing on March 18, 2024 (March 19 in Australia/NZ). There are 17,565 dice rolls, 12 Sticker packs, bonuses, cash rewards, and a limited-time Monopoly Token. Here is the complete list of all the rewards for the Monopoly Go: St Paddy’s Party event.

LevelsRequired PointsRewards
15Cash Rewards
21015 Dice Rolls
310One-Star Green Sticker Pack
480125 Dice Rolls
515Cash Rewards
620One-Star Green Sticker Pack
725Cash Rewards
8150225 Dice Rolls
925Cash Rewards
102015 Minutes of Rent Frenzy
1135One-Star Green Sticker Pack
1240Cash Rewards
13450St. Paddy’s Hazel Token
1445Two-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
1550150 Dice Rolls
1655Cash Rewards
17650700 Dice Rolls
1860Cash Rewards
1980200 Dice Rolls
20100Three-Star Pink Sticker Pack
211,2001,000 Dice Rolls
2210010 Minutes of High Roller
23120Cash Rewards
24150Three-Star Pink Sticker Pack
251,5001,350 Dice Rolls
26150Four-Star Blue Sticker Pack
27200Cash Rewards
28250Five Minutes of Cash Boost
29400Four-Star Blue Sticker Pack
302,2002,000 Dice Rolls
31400Cash Rewards
32500300 Dice Rolls
33600Four-Star Blue Sticker Pack
344,5003,700 Dice Rolls
351,000Five-Star Purple Sticker Pack
36800500 Dice Rolls
3780015 Minutes of High Roller
383,500Cash Rewards
391,000800 Dice Rolls
401,200Five-Star Purple Sticker Pack
411,100Cash Rewards
426,5006,500 Dice Rolls
Five-Star Purple Sticker Pack

That’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go St Paddy’s Day event rewards and levels. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more news and articles on the game, especially the upcoming Treasures Dig minigame event.


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