Monopoly Go: Road to Stardom Rewards & Levels

The latest Monopoly Go event, Road to Stardom, is finally here, and players can earn a huge number of Dice Rolls. Here are all the rewards you can get.

Monopoly Go’s latest event, Road to Stardom, starts today, following on from the Monopoly Origin event. You’ll be able to earn thousands of Dice Rolls, Stickers, cash, and more by earning points. This time around, you’ll want to land on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles to maximize your points. Below, we list all of the rewards you can earn during the Monopoly Go: Road to Stardom event.

All Monopoly Go Road to Stardom Rewards & Levels

The Monopoly Go: Road to Stardom event has 41 levels of rewards for you to claim in 48 hours, with the event finishing on March 30, 2024 (March 31 in Australia/NZ). By reaching the final level, you can claim 16,725 Dice Rolls rolls, 9 Sticker packs, bonuses, and cash rewards. Here is the complete list of all the rewards for the Monopoly Go: Road to Stardom event.

LevelRequired PointsRewards
125One-Star Sticker Pack
24020 Dice Rolls
350Cash Rewards
412575 Dice Rolls
555Cash Rewards
650One-Star Sticker Pack
7605 Minutes of Cash Boost
8350200 Dice Rolls
975Cash Rewards
1090Two-Star Sticker Pack
11100Cash Rewards
12800400 Dice Rolls
13125Two-Star Sticker Pack
14200Cash Rewards
1525010 Minutes of Sticker Boom
161,200600 Dice Rolls
17180Cash Rewards
18200Three-Star Sticker Pack
19250Cash Rewards
202,000800 Dice Rolls
2135010 Minutes of High Roller
22275Cash Rewards
23400130 Dice Rolls
243,0001,200 Dice Rolls
25500Three-Star Sticker Pack
26600Four-Star Sticker Pack
2780020 Minutes of Sticker Boom
284,5001,800 Dice Rolls
291,00010 Minutes of Cash Boost
301,200Cash Rewards
311,600Four-Star Sticker Pack
322,000Cash Rewards
337,000Five-Star Sticker Pack
342,500Cash Rewards
356,5002,000 Dice Rolls
363,500Cash Rewards
379,0003,000 Dice Rolls
382,500Four-Star Sticker Pack
395,000Five-Star Sticker Pack
406,000Cash Rewards
4116,0006,500 Dice Rolls

That’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go: Road to Stardom event. For more guides just like this one, make sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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