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Monopoly Go: What Happens At The End of An Album Season?

The current Album is coming to an end in Monopoly Go, and many might be wondering what happens to their Stickers and Stars when the timer runs out.

Monopoly Go features Sticker Albums that players must complete within a specified time of almost 3 months. There are 21 Sticker sets and 5 additional Prestige Sets if players manage to finish the original 21. However, with Monopoly Origins in its final hours and Making Music set to take center stage, many players might be wondering what happens to their current Stickers and Stars when the timer runs out.

What Happens When the Album Season Timer Runs Out in Monopoly Go?

When the Album Season timer runs out, you will lose all your Stickers, and all new Stickers earned past this point will go towards the new Sticker sets. If you have a surplus of stars, Monopoly Go will automatically purchase the biggest vault you can afford.

Therefore, if you have 2,000 stars when the timer hits zero, then you will receive one Pink Vault reward for 1,000 and lose the rest of your stars. That is why it is advised that you spend any surplus Stars prior to the Album ending or gift other players your duplicate Stickers.

Making Music Monopoly Go Sticker Album
Making Music Upcoming Album – Key Art

What Are The Rewards for the New Sticker Album

Making Music is the next Sticker album in Monopoly Go and will reward players with an exclusive Monopoly token to use around the board. Completing this Album will award you a Disco Mr. M token, and finishing it twice will give you a gold variant of the same token. You can view our full coverage of all the upcoming Sticker Sets here.

Are you excited about the Album refresh, or do you feel as if it’s too soon? Either way, the reset will happen on March 28, 2024. Check out our Guide Hub for more news and articles on Monopoly Go.