Monopoly Go Go For Gold Gala

Monopoly Go: Go For Gold Gala Rewards & Levels

Monopoly Go’s latest tournament, Go For Gold Gala, is here and promises three days of fantastic rewards. Here are all the levels and rewards for this event.

Every day, Monopoly Go hosts a new event or tournament to keep players busy. Today is no exception, as the Go For Gold Gala event is starting and will last a whopping 72 hours. This will give you plenty of time to earn all the Dice Rolls, Stickers, cash, Pickaxe Tokens, and other enticing rewards on offer. All you need to do to earn points in this event is land on any of the four corner tiles. This includes the GO tile, the ‘Just Visiting’ tile, the ‘Free Parking’ tile, and the ‘Go to Jail’ tile. If you’re interested in taking part in this event, here are all the rewards you can expect to unlock.

All April 18 Monopoly Go Go For Gold Gala Rewards & Levels

The Monopoly Go: Go For Gold Gala event has 49 levels of rewards for you to claim in 72 hours. The event finishes on April 21, 2024 (April 22 in Australia/NZ). By reaching the final level, you can claim 14,605 Dice Rolls rolls, 9 Sticker packs, 271 Pickaxe Tokens, bonuses, cash rewards, and more. Here is the complete list of all the rewards for the Monopoly Go: Go For Gold Gala event.

LevelRequired PointsRewards
154 Pickaxe Tokens
21020 Dice Rolls
310Cash Rewards
410One-Star Green Sticker Pack
55585 Dice Rolls
6155 Pickaxe Tokens
725Five Minutes of Cash Boost
820One-Star Green Sticker Pack
9256 Pickaxe Tokens
10150200 Dice Rolls
1130Cash Rewards
12357 Pickaxe Tokens
1335One-Star Green Sticker Pack
144010 Pickaxe Tokens
15300350 Dice Rolls
1640Cash Rewards
174510 Minutes of Cash Grab
1850Two-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
197012 Pickaxe Tokens
20700600 Dice Rolls
2160Cash Rewards
2270Three-Star Pink Sticker Pack
238015 Pickaxe Tokens
2460Cash Rewards
251,2501,000 Dice Rolls
2680Cash Rewards
2712010 Minutes of High Roller
2813017 Pickaxe Tokens
29150100 Dice Rolls
30900Cash Rewards
3122520 Pickaxe Tokens
32400Four-Star Blue Sticker Pack
33350200 Dice Rolls
3430025 Pickaxe Tokens
351,8001,500 Dice Rolls
3650030 Pickaxe Tokens
37600Four-Star Blue Sticker Pack
3870010 Minutes of Cash Boost
3980035 Pickaxe Tokens
403,2002,400 Dice Rolls
41900Five-Star Purple Sticker Pack
421,00040 Pickaxe Tokens
431,200750 Dice Rolls
442,500Cash Rewards
451,300900 Dice Rolls
461,200Cash Rewards
471,500Five-Star Purple Sticker Pack
481,60045 Pickaxe Tokens
497,5006,5000 Dice Rolls

That’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go: Go For Gold Gala event. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles and news on the game.

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