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Monopoly Go: Can You Block Players?

If a player is annoying you in Monopoly Go, you may want to block them. Fortunately, we’re here to explain exactly how.

Monopoly Go features a competitive aspect of playing against others when on the path to becoming a tycoon. However, some wish not to deal with the same player being bothersome, attacking their landmarks, or committing heists repeatedly. As such, blocking someone can be helpful, and we provide details on whether blocking is possible in Monopoly Go.

Can You Block Players in Monopoly Go?

Unfortunately, no button in Monopoly Go allows players to block another player directly. However, there are several options, including removing players, ensuring you always privately invite, and reporting players, to ensure they don’t antagonize you further. Below we explain exactly how to do each of these to ensure you are no longer annoyed by players:

  • Remove: If the player bothering you is in your friends list, tap the Friends button, select Leaderboard, click on their name, and hit Remove.
  • Private Invites: When sharing invites to the game, ensure the links are directly messaged to people you wish to play with.
  • Report a Player: If a player is still bothersome, go to Settings, select Customer Service, and provide details about the player to the game representative.
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Because there is no option to officially block a player, the above methods are your best chance to avoid dealing with toxic players. The Report feature should only be used as a last resort if a player is causing issues.

Will A Block Feature Come to Monopoly Go?

As of now, there is no indication from the developers of a block feature being integrated into Monopoly Go. The game is based on competition against other online players, and it is unavoidable to play against opponents. However, the different methods listed above can provide some relief to players who’s experience is being ruined by others.

That is everything you need to know about whether players can be blocked in Monopoly Go. While you wait for your Dice Rolls to reload, head to our Guide Hub for more information on the game.


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