PEG-E Prize Drop Minigame Rewards March 23 - March 28

Monopoly Go: All March 23-27 PEG-E Prize Drop Rewards

The Monopoly Go Peg-E Prize Drop minigame is a fan-favorite event and is back in full swing for the next 5 days. Here are all the prize drop rewards.

The Peg-E Prize Drop minigame is a pachinko-inspired minigame that involves players dropping Peg-E tokens into a machine in the hope that the ball lands in the most valuable slots. Every token dropped earns basic rewards and goes towards larger cumulative prizes. You can view all the March 23 rewards below and even earn a Wild Sticker by completing page 2.

All Monopoly Go March 2024 Peg-E Prize Drop Rewards

There are 11 rewards across 3 pages for the Monopoly Go: Peg-E Prize Drop event that runs from March 23, 2024, to March 27, 2024. The biggest reward is the Wild Sticker at the end of the second page. Here are all the rewards in the latest Monopoly Go: Peg-E Event.

Reward OrderPage NumberRewards
1Page 1100 Dice Rolls
2Page 13-Star Pink Sticker Pack
3Page 1300 Dice Rolls
4Page 1 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
5Page 2600 Dice Rolls
6Page 25-Star Purple Sticker Pack
7Page 21200 Dice Rolls
8Page 2Wild Sticker
9Page 31400 Dice Rolls
10Page 31800 Dice Rolls
11Page 32500 Dice Rolls
5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

That’s everything you need to know about the March 23 – March 27 Peg-E Prize Drop event in Monopoly Go. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles on the game.


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