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Medieval Grand Theft Auto Game, Rustler, Receives August Release Date

Rustler, the medieval Grand Theft Auto, by developer Jutsu Games and publisher Modus games, has received a release date for all platforms.

Rustler has been in Early Access now since February 18th and has enjoyed a few months of frequent updates. Since it’s launch, it has received 74% positive reviews on Steam with many praising it for its humorous gameplay and GTA style open-world. Modus Games, the publisher of Rustler, have announced that it will be leaving Early Access this August, and will be launching for all platforms. However, it will remain in Early Access for the time being, with continued updates still releasing up until its launch.

You can check out the trailer here!

What Is Rustler?

Rustler is being touted as a medieval Grand Theft Auto. You can explore the open world and interact with it however you see fit. We wrote about Rustler entering Early Access a while back, and you can check that article out for more details. It also featured in our Most Anticipated Games of February list back when it entered Early Access. Here’s a breakdown of just some of its features:

  • Explore and interact with a gorgeous medieval world
  • Laugh hysterically at the game’s Monty Python inspired sense of humour
  • Slice, beat, bludgeon and horse-hoof your way through your enemies
  • Compete in the Grand Tournament
  • Listen to your own personal radio – a bard who follows you around even in battle
  • Engage in wacky tomfoolery, from blasting cows into the air to dressing up as death themselves!
Rustler - Gameplay
Image Credit – Jutsu Games

Release Date & Price

Rustler is releasing on August 31st for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch. You can head on over to its website to pre-order it, and it would seem that a physical edition will set you back £24.99. Rustler is currently $24.99/£19.49 on Steam and also has a demo for those wanting to try before they buy.