Lords of the Fallen In-game Screenshot1
Lords of the Fallen In-game Screenshot

Lords of the Fallen: How to Play Multiplayer

Players stuck trying to play online in Lords of the Fallen are not alone; here is how to access multiplayer.

In Lords of the Fallen, the multiplayer feature allows you to team up with other players for an enhanced gaming experience. You can join forces to defeat tough enemies, explore together, or even challenge each other. This feature adds a social and interactive layer to the game, offering various ways to engage with other players.

How to Play Multiplayer in Lords of the Fallen

To start multiplayer in Lords of the Fallen, visit any vestige, which is a type of checkpoint. Then choose one of the options:

  1. Call a random lampbearer, who is another player.
  2. Call a friend through your platform’s social system.
  3. Help another player by choosing “Assist a lampbearer.”
  4. Hunt another player by selecting “Slaughter a lampbearer.”

You don’t need special items to play multiplayer. You can play with your partner as long as you want, no matter how many bosses you kill or deaths you face. But remember, only the host player makes progress. If the host dies, both players die. If the summoned player dies, you can revive them.

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Lords of the Fallen Launch Artwork

How to Invite Friends and Players to Co-op

To invite friends or random players:

  1. Find and interact with a Vestige checkpoint.
  2. Choose Multiplayer from the options.
  3. To invite a friend, select “Beckon Friend” and choose from your friends list.
  4. To invite random players, choose “Beckon Lampbearer.”

How to Join a Co-op Session

To join someone else’s world:

  1. Accept your friend’s invite if joining a friend.
  2. For random players, go to a Vestige and select Multiplayer.
  3. Choose “Accompany Lampbearer” to join a random session.

Password Matchmaking

You can also use a password to match only with specific people. To set a password:

  1. Open the pause menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to the Multiplayer tab.
  4. Enter your password.

Does Lords of the Fallen Have Crossplay?

Yes, Lords of the Fallen allows cross-platform play, but with some restrictions:

  • Xbox players can play with PC players.
  • PlayStation players can also play with PC players.
  • However, Xbox and PlayStation players cannot play together.

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Lords of the Fallen Launch Artwork