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Lords of the Fallen: How to Find the Blacksmith

In Lords of the Fallen, finding the blacksmith is an important part of upgrading equipment, and we have all the details on how to find her.

Finding and freeing the blacksmith Gerlinde is key to upgrading your equipment in Lords of the Fallen. She’s hidden in the game world, and once you free her, she moves to a central location to help you get stronger.

How to Find the Blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen

From the start, the Blacksmith is not in Skyrest, the central hub, and players will need to free her first. Go to Pilgrim’s Perch to find her and listen for hammering sounds.

Once there, head left from the Vestige landmark and follow a hidden path. Use Umbral vision to reveal bridges. Be careful of enemies, and keep climbing down ladders until you reach a blocked door.

To open this door, you must locate and interact with three Soulflay Items nearby. Use your Umbral Lamp to make the obstacle disappear, then climb down more ladders to find a lift that leads back to the Vestige. Use it to unlock a shortcut.

Near the lift, you’ll hear hammering again. Go down another ladder or jump down to find Gerlinde locked in a cage. Fight off enemies to get the Prison Cell Key. Free Gerlinde with this key. After talking to her, she will move to Skyrest.

You can find her in Skyrest by taking the stairs up from the Vestige. She’ll be in a room that was empty before. Now, you have a blacksmith to help you get stronger in the game.

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