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Lords of the Fallen: Every Achievement and Trophy

Lords of the Fallen brings with it a list of new Achievements and Trophies for players to complete while on their adventure.

In video games, trophies and achievements serve as both rewards and challenges. They mark your milestones, pushing you to tackle specific tasks. Similarly, in Lords of the Fallen, trophies play a key role on PlayStation and Achievements for Xbox. They guide and reward your actions, whether you’re exploring, battling enemies, or making story-altering choices.

Lords of the Fallen Full Achievements and Trophy List

Lords of the Fallen has 63 Trophies and Achievements. They are mostly for collecting items, defeating bosses, and completing specific tasks.

You get one Platinum trophy for earning all the other trophies, and Xbox Players can earn a Gamerscore of 1000 for completing all the challenges. Here is the full list:

NameDescriptionTrophy TypeGamerscore
A Veil LiftedDie in Axiom for the first timeBronze5
Lost and FoundRetrieve vigor lost upon deathBronze5
What Sights Contained WithinCollect all Umbral EyesBronze30
Trinket CollectorCollect all rings and pendantsBronze30
Ammunition CollectorCollect all ammo typesBronze10
Inferno AdeptCollect all Inferno spellsBronze10
Radiant AdeptCollect all Radiance spellsBronze10
Umbral AdeptCollect all Umbral spellsBronze10
Throwable CollectorCollect all throwablesBronze10
Gesture CollectorCollect all gesturesBronze20
Salvation in BloodFully upgrade the SanguinarixBronze25
Honed in PerfectionFully upgrade a weaponBronze20
Rune NovicePlace a rune socket for the first timeBronze5
Rune MasterFully socket a 3-rune weapon or a shieldBronze10
Carving Out VictoryFully upgrade the Umbral lampBronze20
Utmost InsightFully socket the Umbral lamp with Umbral EyesBronze10
ComradesBeckon a co-op partnerBronze10
Shared TriumphDefeat a boss alongside a co-op partnerBronze15
Vengeance for the FallenAvenge a fallen lampbearerBronze15
No MercyDefeat another player in PVPBronze15
Infernal OfferingsDonate a total of 10 Severed HandsBronze5
Radiant OfferingsDonate a total of 10 Pilfered CoinsBronze5
Umbral OfferingsDonate a total of 10 Plucked EyeballsBronze5
Shades of ViolenceApply a tinct to a piece of gearBronze10
Rise and FallDefeat Pieta, She of Blessed RenewalBronze15
Together in DeathDefeat the Congregator of FleshBronze15
Burying the PastDefeat the Hushed SaintBronze15
UnwantedDefeat the Spurned ProgenyBronze15
Unbroken to the EndDefeat the Unbroken PromiseBronze15
Wings of GriefDefeat the Hollow CrowBronze15
Twin Faces of SinDefeat Reinhold the ImmuredBronze15
JudgementDefeat Judge Cleric, the Radiant SentinelBronze15
Hunt’s EndDefeat the LightreaperBronze20
The King is DeadDefeat the Sundered MonarchBronze15
A Hunger SatedDefeat Elianne the StarvedBronze20
FallenDefeat Adyr, the Bereft ExileBronze15
None Shall be SparedDefeat all bossesBronze25
The Price of KnowledgeExacter Dunmire gains the knowledge he seeksBronze10
Part of the DevineDamarose the Marked receives her divine rewardBronze10
Travels ResumedSparky is liberatedBronze10
Moving OnByron finds a new purposeBronze10
Hero WorshipDrustan’s faith in his brother remains steadfastBronze10
Antana’s LegacyThe value of Andreas and Ebb’s friendship is made clearBronze10
FaithfulStomund, Captain of the Fidelis is greeted at the EmpyreanBronze10
Without PurposeThehk-Ihir leaves MournsteadBronze10
A Queen’s RestSophesia bestows a final favorBronze10
The Last StepThe Iron Wayfarer’s journey finally endsBronze10
Vengeful ReflectionAn Umbral imprint of Isaac faces the LightreaperBronze10
A Shadow DispelledDefeat the Scarlet ShadowBronze10
Essence of DeathDefeat an enemy with an Umbral finisherBronze5
Thriving in DarknessUse a Vesting SeedBronze5
The Past Shapes the PresentOffer Molhu the Bowl of RevelationsBronze10
Lingering MomentsView all Umbral stigmasBronze30
A Rest Among the DeathReach the Skyrest Bridge interiorBronze10
A Trace of VenomKukajin concludes her business in MournsteadBronze10
Weapon CollectorCollect all weaponsSilver50
IroncladCollect all armor piecesSilver50
Lord of the RisenReach the Adyr EndingSilver15
In Light We WalkReach the Radiant EndingSilver15
Back to the VoidReach the Umbral EndingSilver15
SeasonedReach Level 100Silver20
WayfarerVisit all of the areas in the gameSilver50
Lord of the FallenEarn every trophyPlatinum70

These are all the Trophies and Achievements in Lords of the Fallen. Make sure you check out our Game Hub for all the news and guides on the game.

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