Blast Powder in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite: How To Get Blast Powder

When going up against powerful enemies, or if you want to cause some destruction in LEGO Fortnite, Blast Powder is a material that can help bring explosive fun into your world.

Blast Powder is a resource players will need if they want better chances going up against some of the most powerful enemies in LEGO Fortnite. Crafting dynamite can be an essential item depending on the different situations players can find themselves in; it could mean life or death. Although it may be difficult, if you’re determined to gather Blast Powder, there are a couple of ways to gain this material.

How To Get Blast Powder

Due to Blast Powder not being an available craftable item in LEGO Fortnite, obtaining it is not an easy task. This is due to this precious material being either only found in selected chests or dropped from specific enemies. The best way to gather Blast Powder is first to explore the surrounding areas where you’ve decided to place your base.

Once you’ve ventured through some of your world, you should better understand where some types of locations and biomes are. This will benefit you during your Blast Powder search. Depending on your playstyle in LEGO Fortnite, there are a couple of ways to obtain Blast Powder.

Killing Enemies

Blast Powder can be dropped from a small collection of enemies found in LEGO Fortnite. It’s best gathered from Pirate Skeletons located at the beach biomes shore. These enemies only spawn at night, so you must be prepared for a nightfall fight. Having a crossbow equipped will significantly benefit your chances if you find yourself swarmed by Pirate Skeletons.

Pirate Skeletons in LEGO Fortnite
In-game Screenshot of Pirate Skeletons

Although gaining this material from Pirate Skeletons is the most efficient way to gain Blast Powder, if you can’t currently find them, don’t panic. Blast Powder can also be found in other skeletal enemy drops, such as Crossbones Skeletons, Outlaw Skeletons, and Mine Skeletons, which can all be found in their corresponding biomes.

Search For Chests

Blast Powder can also be located through randomly selected chests found in LEGO Fortnite. This is why exploring is vital to gather Blast Powder, regardless of which method you decide to use. However, some locations have a higher chance of spawning Blast Powder in chests, such as abandoned or decaying buildings. These are common to find throughout LEGO Fortnite, along with the Blast Powder that you can find in them.

Cave Chest LEGO Fortnite
In-game Screenshot of a cave Chest

However, if you’re looking for more of a challenge, the cave systems found around the map also have this rare resource. You’ll need to look out for chests found up high when exploring the cave systems, but you’ll need to be careful as there is a higher chance of being killed by swarms of enemies.

That’s everything you need to know about gathering Blast Powder in LEGO Fortnite. If you’re curious about other guides about LEGO Fortnite, feel free to check out our Games Hub.