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Strategy Game, King’s Orders, Offers “Unique Take” On The Genre

Developed by Afterlife studio published on PC by Games Operators, King’s Orders is an upcoming strategy game that offers “a unique take on the strategy genre”.

Unlike strategy games such as the Total War franchise, King’s Orders takes a step back from the micro-management of soldiers and puts emphasis on communication. In this “unique take on the strategy genre,” players will be tasked with sending letters in order to manage their kingdom. If you’ve ever thought to yourself that the strategy genre needs further innovation, then King’s Orders may just be for you. There’s a lot to unpack with this one, so I reckon it’s time to break out the letter opener.

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What Is King’s Orders?

King’s Orders is a strategy game all about communication. Set in medieval times, players will take on the role of a King. It’ll be your job to claim new territories and expand your influence. To do this, you’ve guessed it, you’ll be sending letters out to your various generals. You’ll have to deal with tricky situations on the fly such as the fact that a letter may never reach its destination. Unfortunately, instant messaging didn’t exist back then. Here is just some of what you can expect to see in King’s Orders:

  • Experience the historical strategy genre like never before: from behind parchment and quill
  • Send letters to your generals and make decisions based on the reports you receive
  • Relive historical war scenarios such as the Hundred Years’ War and the Wars of the Roses
  • Conquer your foes and become the one true ruler of Europe in the Grand Campaign
  • Deal with difficult situations such as a letter never reaching its destination or a battle going awry
  • Be wary of your decision making as it may stir a rebellion
  • Manage your Kingdom’s treasury and allocate funds to various facets of your Kingdom
King's Orders - Gameplay
Image Credit – Afterlife

Release Date & Price

There is currently no word on the release date aside from TBA on the game’s Steam store page. You can head over there now, however, to wishlist the game and be notified of any future updates. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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