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Tactical RTS Liquidation Launches Kickstarter Campaign Later This Month

Publisher Grindstone and developer Divio have announced they are launching a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming tactical RTS game, Liquidation.

For those around in the mid-2000s who happened to have the good fortune of being Warhammer fans, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade might ring a bell. It fell under the tactical RTS genre, but there was something truly special about it rarely found elsewhere. Liquidation, the upcoming RTS title from developer Divio, seeks to relive the glory of the early Dawn of War titles. Launching first as a Kickstarter campaign later this month, it seeks to use the platform to engage with fans and build support. It will be “the first step in an exciting journey for the game”.

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What Is Liquidation?

Liquidation is a tactical RTS game set in the “war-torn world” of Veá. Players will take on the role of one of four faction leaders and must crush their opponents to claim the title of the ruler of Veá. There’s base building, resource management and action-packed combat set across four campaigns, multiplayer modes and a co-op mode. If this sounds like your kind of game, then you might want to check out its Kickstarter campaign for further details. For now, here is a list of just some of what you can expect in Liquidation:

  • Battle across four different campaigns each with their own unique factions
  • Utilise your environment for terrain advantages to get the upper hand on your opponent
  • Kit your units out with a variety of weapons and utilise abilities to destroy your foes
  • Play against others in the multiplayer mode with a ladder system and replay sharing
  • Play with a friend across the entire story mode
Liquidation - Gameplay
Image Credit – Divio

Release Date & Price

The Kickstarter campaign launches on June 10th, but you can head over there now to follow it and be notified when it starts. Liquidation will launch on Steam in autumn/fall 2020. Let us know in the comments below what you think about this one.

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