Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection: Pre-Order Edition Details

Classic Jurassic Park games are coming in a Limited Run Games next-gen collection, and details on pre-ordering have become available.

Fans of the dinosaur park “gone wrong” series have great news. The classic games from the SNES generation are returning for players to experience on newer consoles. The Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection was announced in the LRG3 presentation that took place today.

In a year of many games getting remasters, it’s great to see another fantastic franchise receive the treatment.

Jurassic Park 2 Screen

What Is The Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection?

The Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection features two very popular titles: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues.

The games are being remade in Limited Run’s Carbon Engine, adding new features along the way. This includes save states for each game, in-game maps, and of course general fixes to the game. Although it may not seem like a lot, the collection is also including multiple versions of both titles.

The first game will include the NES, Game Boy, and SNES versions, and Jurassic Park 2 will include the Game Boy and SNES versions. Each version is different from the other game and is, essentially, a new game. In total, this will give players five different versions of both games to experience for themselves.

Jurassic Gameplay
Jurassic Park SNES Gameplay Screen

What Pre-Order Editions of the Collection are Available?

Physical editions of the game are going to be available to pre-order through Limited Run. There are multiple editions of the collection that will be released and each edition offers goodies. Here is what you can expect from each edition:

  • Standard Edition (USD$29.99 / AUD$44.50): The base physical edition of the game.
  • Classic Edition (USD$64.99 / AUD$96.00): This edition provides the physical edition of the collection, a steelbook case for the collection, and a unique packaging case inspired by the VHS of the movie.
  • Prehistoric Edition (USD$174.99 / AUD $258.00): The Prehistoric Edition includes a replica of Dr Grant’s ID card from the original game, a physical CD containing the game soundtracks of both games, and mini replicas of the original Jurassic Park NES, Game Boy, and SNES cartridges in a display. You will also receive the content from the Classic Edition.

There are also two retro editions available:

  • Standard Edition (USD $49.99-$64.99/ AUD $73.60-$95.70): A physical copy of either game on an amber cartridge and a replica of the original game manual.
  • Collector’s Edition (USD $99.99/ AUD $147.20): Physical copy of either title on an amber cartridge, a numbered foil stamped slipcover, replica game manual, and a double-sided poster.
Pre-order Details
Pre-order Details, Credit – Limited Run

Release Date and Pre-Order Details

The Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection currently has no release date. It is releasing on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The collection will be available to pre-order physically through Limited Run Games starting on September 1, 2023, and the pre-order window will run until October 15, 2023.


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