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Is Young Sheldon in Fortnite?

Eager Fortnite fans are hoping that the popular sitcom character, Young Sheldon, has made his way into the game. Here’s what you need to know.

Young Sheldon, a spin-off series of The Big Bang Theory, is in the zeitgeist at the moment. After a seven-season run, the show is not only getting its own spin-off but has blown up in popularity on TikTok. Of course, this has led many to post images of the titular nerd in Fortnite, a game famous for its absurd crossovers. But has Young Sheldon, in all his bowtie glory, crossed over into the busiest multiverse in gaming? For those genuinely hoping to play as him, you may want to sit down.

Is Young Sheldon in Fortnite?

No, Young Sheldon is not in Fortnite. The notorious sitcom character is not in Fortnite, nor has Epic Games confirmed an official collaboration with the show. However, memes and rumors have been spreading via TikTok, where the show has garnered a lot of popularity, showcasing fake skins and Item Store listings for the character. The majority of these images are fake and are even listed as fake in the videos’ descriptions. You can see one for yourself below:

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♬ original sound – daradrex

It is extremely unlikely that Young Sheldon will ever cross over into Fortnite. While there have been a number of incredibly strange collaborations, Young Sheldon would undoubtedly take the cake. Beyond the meme potential, there’s little connection between Young Sheldon and video games. Then again, we recently got a Family Guy crossover, something that fans had been highly anticipating for quite some time.

Nevertheless, for those holding out hope that Fortnite has received a Young Sheldon crossover or will any time soon, you’d best stop. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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