Inscryption - Key Art

Indie Horror game Inscryption arrives on Steam in October

Just as Halloween paraphernalia hits shopping mall shelves, Daniel Mullins and Devolver Digital bring Inscryption to our PCs on October 19th.

The indie horror game by the Pony Island and The Hex developer was revealed by its publisher, Devolver Digital, during E3. Since then, Inscryption has kept generating hype, with prominent content creators like ManlyBadassHero playing the demo version. The intrigue no doubt originates from Daniel Mullins’ staple: the meta game. That is to say, a collection of mini-games within the larger game, which the developer uses to hide the truth behind multiple layers. You can check the full trailer out here.

Image Credit – Devolver Digital

What is Inscryption?

Inscryption is a deckbuilding card game with escape room puzzles and psychological horror. The player must play a game with their sadistic captor, Leshy, inside of his cabin. In order to play, the player must move on a board and build a deck of varied woodland creatures along the way.

As the player strolls through the forest on the board, Leshy challenges them every so often. Of course, the penalty for losing is death. However, the player can live a little longer by exploring the cabin, defeating Leshy, and by self-mutilation (which may or may not include pulling your own teeth out). Fortunately, some creatures can communicate with the player and help them survive longer than the previous victim. After all, they want to know how to get out of this nightmare as much as the player.

Image Credit – Devolver Digital

You can try the demo on Steam right now. However, it only reveals so much, and appropriately, leaves a lot unanswered. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long now for the full release.

Inscryption arrives on October 19th, and you can preorder now for a 10% discount. Finally, if you wish to play previous games by Daniel Mullins, you can get the Beginner’s Deck bundle on Steam today.