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Social Sim, Immortal Life, Coming To Steam Early Access This Year

Publisher 2P Games and developer Yifang Studios have announced their farming and social simulator RPG, Immortal Life, is coming to Steam Early Access later this year.

2P Games, the folks behind the Spirited Away-esque Nigate Tale, unveiled the upcoming social sim, Immortal Life, at the recent Indie Live Expo 2021 event. Inspired by Chinese Taoist fantasy, Immortal Life is a farming/social sim similar to Stardew Valley. However, where that game focused more on the farming elements, Immortal Life seems to focus on narrative and community. The game is launching into Steam Early Access, likely to utilise player feedback to improve its core systems.

Image Credit – Yifang Studios

What Is Immortal Life?

Immortal Life is a farming sim with social and RPG elements. After narrowly escaping the destruction of your community, the player stumbles upon a valley inhabited by a clan seeking immortality. You’re tasked with tending to the crops and helping those in need. The game is community-focused, so the more you help other characters, the more items, missions and skills will become available to you. There will also be plenty of characters to meet, and areas to explore. Here’s just some of what you can expect in Immortal Life:

  • Help your new clan prosper by tending to your crops and assisting the locals
  • You’ll be tasked with farming, hunting, trading, constructing new buildings for the settlement and so much more
  • Get to know those around you to improve your relationship and unlock missions, items and more
  • Explore a vast, breathtaking world rendered in 2.5D
  • Experience the four seasons and grow unique crops in each one
  • Spend your days however you please, balancing missions, farming and simply enjoying life
Immortal Life - Gameplay
Image Credit – Yifang Studios

Release Date & Price

Immortal Life is launching into Steam Early Access later this year. There is currently no word on price. Head on over to its Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified whenever an update drops. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.