Fortnite John Cena Cosmetic

How to Get the John Cena Skin in Fortnite: Date, Price & Bundles

John Cena makes his way back to Fortnite, and players can check out all of the details on the skin here.

Epic Games has done many crossovers with different media properties in Fortnite, including Stranger Things, Metal Gear Solid, Eminem, and more. Famous actor and wrestler John Cena was released in Fortnite in July 2022 and has made some appearances since then. Fortunately, for those who missed the opportunity to get the cosmetic, you now have another chance. Below is our guide on how to get the John Cena skin in the game.

How to Get John Cena in Fortnite

John Cena is available in the item store right now and can be acquired by purchasing the cosmetic from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1500 V-Bucks. The skin can also be owned by buying the John Cena Bundle for 2000 V-Bucks. The bundle includes extra goodies such as a pickaxe and back accessory that are themed after the wrestler.

As the Fortnite Item shop can be sporadic with what items are rotated in and out, it is recommended to try to acquire the skin as soon as possible. The store refresh occurs at 7 pm EST every day, and it is random which items leave, with some staying for over 48 hours, while others disappear after only one day in the shop.

John Cena Fortnite Item Shop Page
John Cena Item Shop Tab, In-game Screenshot

Fortnite John Cena Bundle Contents & Price

John Cena Cosmetic Bundle (1500 V-Bucks)

  • Entrance Gear (Outfit)
  • Ring Gear (Outfit Variant)
  • WWE Championship Title (Back Accessory)

John Cena Bundle (2000 V-Bucks)

  • Entrance Gear (Outfit)
  • Ring Gear (Outfit Variant)
  • WWE Championship Title (Back Accessory)
  • Five Digit Slapper (Pickaxe)
  • U Can’t C Me (Emote)

That is all the contents in both the Cosmetic Bundle and Full Bundle for John Cena in Fortnite and how much you can expect to pay to own either bundle. As with any other skin in the game, the cosmetics do not give you any competitive advantage over other players.

Unfortunately, many licensed cosmetics, including John Cena, are only useable in the Battle Royale, Fortnite Festival, and Rocket Racing modes. The LEGO Fortnite mode only allows some Marvel and Star Wars skins to be equipped. Whether or not this changes in the future is unknown.

That is everything on the John Cena skin and its return to Fortnite. Head over to the Games Hub to view more guides on the game.


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