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How to Farm in Enshrouded

Want to grow and farm crops in Enshrouded but not sure how? We have you covered on how to unlock farming in the game.

Farming is an important aspect of progressing in Enshrouded. However, players will begin the game with the ability to farm and must unlock it by completing several tasks. In this guide, we go over how to gain access to farming on your land and grow crops.

How to Unlock Farming in Enshrouded

To unlock the ability to farm in Enshrouded involves completing a few steps, such as awakening the carpenter and recruiting the farmer. Once this is done, players can begin to plant and grow their food. We have curated a list of steps that must be taken, so make sure you follow them in order:

How to Awaken the Carpenter in Enshrouded

As there are prerequisites to unlocking different characters, the carpenter must receive the quest to find the farmer.

  1. Accept the “Carpentry Assistance” quest from the Alchemist.
  2. Head to the Carpenter’s Ancient Vault on the east of the Springlands.
  3. Use the Summoning Staff to bring the Carpenter back to base and ensure a spot is available.

Once he arrives back at your camp, head over to his location, and you will receive a quest called “Growing Stronger Together.” After accepting, the quest to recruit the farmer will begin.

How to Awaken the Farmer in Enshrouded

Awakening the farmer is simple, and all you have to do is bring her back to your base to start farming. Below are the steps to get the farmer:

  1. Head to the Farmer’s Ancient Vault. It is located northeast of the Catacombs of Mistbury and southeast of Withered Encampment.
  2. Equip the Summoning Staff.
  3. Awaken the farmer.
  4. Send the farmer back to your camp.

Once the farmer is back, you will have unlocked the ability to craft items for farming. You can view our guide below on how to farm if you need additional help.

Enshrouded Farmbed
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How to Farm in Enshrouded

Players will need farm soil, a seedbed, and a location for their crops to farm in Enshrouded. Below are the steps to get a plot of crops planted in your camp:

  1. Craft Farm Soil – 7x Dirt Soil, 3x Bonemeal
    • Dirt Soil is obtained by digging into the soil with a pickaxe, and Bonemeal is made by putting bones in a grinding stone.
  2. Build a Seedbed – 10x Wooden Logs, 2x Metal Scraps, 10x Farm Soil
    • After taking plants from the open world, place them in the Seedbed to create seeds.
  3. Flatten a plot of land.
    • Once you find where you want your field to be, flatten it down using a Rake.
  4. Choose the Terrain you want
    • Have the Construction Hammer on hand and enter building mode with the TAB key. Head to the terrain tab.
  5. Select Farm Soil as the Soil of choice.
    • When building the terrain, ensure that Farm Soil is what you wish to use; otherwise, the plot will not begin building.
  6. Place Seeds in plots of soil.
    • Head back to your Seedbed, take the seeds you wish to plant, and allow them to grow.

That is everything you need to know about unlocking a farm in Enshrouded. If you want to see more guides, you can head to our Guide Hub for more information on the game.


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