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How Many Shrines Are There in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Breath of the Wild‘s numerous shrines, nestled throughout Hyrule, were among my favourite features. In Tears of the Kingdom, fans will be pleased to find they’ve made a return.

By dedicating time to explore and unearth each of these hidden shrines, you’ll be making the most out of the estimated 100+ hours of immersive gameplay that Tears of the Kingdom promises. This journey not only extends your playtime but also adds a layer of depth and intrigue to your overall gaming experience.

How Many Shrines Exist in Tears of the Kingdom?

With a total of 152 shrines spread across Hyrule, Tears of the Kingdom invites a rich exploration experience. Each shrine contains a Light of Blessing and at least one treasure chest, providing rewards for your adventurous endeavours.

A shrine turns blue on your map once you’ve successfully explored it, while uncompleted ones appear orange, clearly marking them for further exploration.

To unlock these shrines, you’ll need to use all of the new abilities: Ultrahand, Fuse, Recall, and Ascent. Note that you’ll encounter some “free” shrines. You earn these as rewards for completing Shrine Quests or reaching hard-to-access areas, and unlike regular shrines, they don’t feature puzzles.

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Where Can You Find All the Shrines in TOTK?

Most of the 152 shrines reside at ground level, offering a wealth of discovery across Hyrule’s vast landscape. Additionally, 32 unique shrines are nestled within the lofty Sky Islands. Your map serves as a trusted ally, guiding you to each shrine’s location.

In a departure from Breath of the Wild, you won’t find any shrines hidden in the Depths. Instead, Tears of the Kingdom introduces Lightroots, something new that doubles as fast travel points. This adds a new dynamic to your exploration, ensuring that your journey remains as exciting as ever.

What Are Lightroots in Tears of the Kingdom?

Situated within the Depths, Lightroots are essentially the roots of trees. Link has the ability to activate these Lightroots, and upon doing so, he can cast light across a specific section of the Depths, making exploration easier.

Interestingly, each Lightroot has an associated Shrine of Light situated on the surface. Adding a layer of intrigue, these shrines carry names that, when spelled in reverse, correspond to their respective Lightroot. This unique relationship between the surface and the Depths serves as a guide, enhancing the thrill of exploration in Tears of the Kingdom.

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