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Honkai: Star Rail: Free Characters Guide

MiHoYo, the renowned developer behind the popular game Genshin Impact, has recently released Honkai: Star Rail, a new free-to-play gacha game. The game’s first version offers a wide range of playable characters, with more than 20 to choose from. However, were you aware that there are eight characters that you can obtain for free? Take a look at our guide below to learn how you can acquire all of them for yourself.

The full list of characters, along with their rarity level, element, and path are listed below:


5 Star – Physical/Fire Element – The Destruction/The Preservation

Trailblazer Profile Pic from Honkai: Star Rail

This is the main character that you take control of at the start of Honkai: Star Rail, who starts off with Physical Element and The Destruction Path. As you progress naturally in the story (end of the Jarilo-VI arc to be exact), you unlock a different form for them, featuring Fire Element and The Preservation Path. Once unlocked, you can switch between both forms at any time.

March 7th

4 Star – Ice Element – The Preservation

March 7th joins your party shortly after the Honkai: Star Rail narrative kicks off and serves as an outstanding support character that can shield allies and freeze enemies. Her special technique allows her to counter any enemy that attacks a team member shielded by her.

To be specific, she is obtained at “Leave and see what’s going on outside” in the Trailblaze Mission: Eye of the Storm.

Dan Heng

4 Star – Wind Element – The Hunt

Dan Heng Profile Pic from Honkai: Star Rail

Dan Heng joins your party automatically after the narrative kicks off and serves as a great single-target DPS character.

To be specific, he is obtained at “Go to the elevator in the central area” in the Trailblaze Mission: Eye of the Storm.


4 Star – Fire Element – The Harmony

Asta Profile Pic from Honkai: Star Rail

During the 1.0 launch, Asta can be obtained as a guaranteed pull from the tutorial Warp. She serves as a solid support character that can increase the speed and attack of her allies.


4 Star – Ice Element – The Erudition

Herta Profile Pic from Honkai: Star Rail

Herta can be unlocked for free by beating World 2 in the mini-roguelike game, within Honkai: Star Rail, known as the Simulated Universe. Completing further Worlds in this mode will unlock her Eidolons.

She serves as a multi-target attacker that can launch follow-up attacks after enemies’ HP drops to a certain level.


4 Star – Physical Element- The Abundance

Natasha Profile Pic from Honkai: Star Rail

Currently, Natasha is the only guaranteed healer in the Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 launch, making her an essential support character for any team composition. She joins your party automatically through story progression in the Jarilo-VI arc. To be specific, she is obtained at ​​the end of Trailblaze Mission: Lying in Rust.


4 Star – Quantum Element – The Erudition

As part of the 1.0 launch, Qingque is a promoted character who has been made available for free. To obtain her, players must reach Trailblazer Level 21 and complete Stage 3 of the Forgotten Hall.

Qingque’s fighting style is distinctive, incorporating mahjong-style tiles into her attacks. If she manages to draw four tiles of the same kind, her attacks are enhanced with a buff.


4 Star – Lightning Element – The Erudition

Serval Profile Pic from Honkai: Star Rail

Serval was given out for free as part of the Honkai: Star Rail ‘Departure of the Express’ launch event, and can be obtained as soon as you log into the game and gain access to the in-game mailbox. She utilises her electric guitar to dish out multi-target attacks and applies shock damage over time.

This is all the free characters you can obtain in Honkai: Star Rail as of version 1.0, but we’ll be sure to update this guide if anything changes with future patches and updates