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Helldivers 2: How to Fix the “Unable to Join Friend” Error

Helldivers 2 is best played with friends; however, the “unable to join friend” error is preventing players from spreading peace.

Anyone who has jumped online since launch has noticed the numerous server issues plaguing Helldivers 2, and “unable to join friend” is the latest of the bunch. Below, we cover all the ways you can resolve the issue.

How to Fix the “Unable to Join Friends” error in Helldivers 2?

Players can fix the bug preventing them from playing with friends in Helldivers 2 by following our steps below. Here are all the ways we’ve found that can resolve the issue:

Group of four players shooting Terminids in Helldivers 2
Group of four players shooting Terminids in Helldivers 2

Turn Off Crossplay

Navigate to the options menu in Helldivers 2 and disable Crossplay support. While this feature allows for a broader pool of players across different platforms, it can lead to connectivity issues due to the current instabilities with the game’s lobbies and matchmaking system.

To do this, bring up the menu in-game, scroll tabs to options, and then down to the gameplay section. The second setting down the list will be “crossplay”; if this is on, switch it off.

Make a Friend Code

Leverage Helldivers 2’s friend code system by exchanging unique codes with your friends. This method bypasses the game’s standard matchmaking process, allowing you to connect directly with your friends’ sessions.

This can be done by opening the menu, scrolling to the social tab, and then down to the bottom of the options. Here, you’ll see a space to generate a unique eight-digit code; send the code to your friend and have them type it into the friend search bar near the top of the socials tab.

Check You Have The Latest Software Update

Ensure both Helldivers 2 and your system’s software are fully updated. Developers frequently release patches to fix bugs and improve stability. Keeping your game and system software up-to-date ensures compatibility and minimizes connection issues.

Restart Helldivers 2

This method of removing the “unable to join friend” error in Helldivers 2 is simple yet effective; sometimes, all you need is a fresh start. Close the Helldivers 2 application entirely and relaunch it. This can resolve temporary glitches or errors preventing you from joining friends.

In-Game Screenshot of Helldivers 2
In-Game Screenshot of Helldivers 2

Check Your Firewall/Network Settings

For console players, you must head into the network settings and check your NAT (Network Address Translation) type. There are three settings: NAT 1 – open, NAT 2 – Moderate, and NAT 3 – Strict. The general recommendation is NAT 2, which strikes the sweet spot between safety and connectivity with other online players.

For PC players, ensuring smooth connectivity in Helldivers 2 may require adjusting your firewall settings. Typically found in the Control Panel, ensure Helldivers 2 or the platform you’re playing through, such as Steam, can communicate through private and public networks.

Refresh Your Cache

For both console and PC players, clearing the system cache can solve numerous issues by removing temporary data that may be causing conflicts. Both of these require you to jump into your console or PC settings and initiate a wipe of your system’s cache. This can solve more issues in Helldivers 2 than just the “unable to join friend” error.

Turn your Console or PC Off and On Again.

Did your eyes deceive you? Did the geniuses at Game Crater reinvent the wheel with this piece of high-level tech info? We’re running out of ways to help, if we’re honest. If you’re this deep into the list, try it; what have you got to lose?

What if None of These Fix the Issue?

It’s bad news, I’m afraid; while the developers have acknowledged the issue and are working on an outright fix, if none of the above steps have worked, then tonight’s not your night. Close down Helldivers 2, and check out our suggestions for some other great cooperative games.

That’s everything you need to know on how to fix the “Unable to Join Friends” error. For more bug fixes and guides on Helldivers 2, drop into our Guide Hub here.

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