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Physics-Based Platformer Goop Loop is Leaving Early Access

Developed and published by solo indie dev Lone Wulf Studio LLC, the “rage-inducing” physics-based platformer Goop Loop will be leaving Steam Early Access later this month.

Goop Loop is the debut indie title of ex-Far Cry and Lawbreakers developer, Nathan “jitspoe” Wulf. It started out as an Early Access title back in 2020. Since then it has developed into a fully-fledged physics-based platformer “with a pun-laden narrator”. As the Early Access process continued, Wulf added a whole slew of new features. These include additional lines, one of which is based on our glowing review, improved art assets, customizable controls, and more obstacles. Wulf has been developing this alongside his highly-anticipated 2.5D adventure platformer, Fist of the Forgotten. Now that Goop Loop is leaving Early Access, it will feature a brand-new cinematic opening that delves deep into the origin of the loop and “definitely won’t raise further questions.”

Goop Loop - Gameplay
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What Is Goop Loop?

Goop Loop is a game all about a friendly blob of Goop stuck in a loop. They dream of one day reaching the stars and plan to do so by ramming their wheel up hillsides. You must roll your goop up hills and over obstacles while tackling with the game’s central villain: your patience.

Jokes aside, Goop Loop is a physics-based platformer all about maneuvering the goop around the game’s map. It’s extremely challenging but equally as rewarding. If you want to know more about the background of Goop Loop and its charming developer, then listen to our interview with him over on our podcast, Crater Corner. That aside, here is what you can expect when Goop Loop leaves Early Access later this month:

  • Roll your goop in a loop up hills, across perilous gaps, and over other obstacles
  • Listen to the often encouraging narration with dialogue “that will make even the deadliest dad sigh”
  • Inevitably, fall back to the bottom and start all over again. You’ll need a lot of patience for this one
  • Unlock additional colors for your goop. Look how stylish they can get
  • According to the Steam store page, you’ll “question your life choices”
Image Credit – Lone Wulf Studio LLC

We gave Goop Loop an 8/10, stating: “It can be stressful initially, but letting yourself get sucked into the rhythm of pushing a little blob of goop around can be incredibly addictive. It’s well worth checking out, as I think Nathan “Jitspoe” Wulf did an incredible job of making feeling like Sisyphus a lot of fun.”

Release Date & Price

Goop Loop will be rolling out of Early Access this July 21. Its Steam store page description says that the price should remain the same, so expect to pay the more than reasonable cost of $3.99/¬£2.89. Also, be sure to check out and wishlist Wulf’s other game, Fist of the Forgotten, on Steam.

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