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Space-Faring Sim, Lilith Odyssey, Releasing Into Steam Early Access

Duo developer studio Chaystar Unlimited is releasing their No Man’s Sky-esque space-faring adventure game, Lilith Odyssey, onto Steam Early Access today.

Lilith Odyssey, the four-year passion project of development duo John Watmuff and Peter Szekeres, is finally landing on Steam Early Access today. The team was inspired by their nostalgia for the Oregon Trail games and the “immersive depth” of No Man’s Sky. Lilith Odyssey will reportedly “remain in early access for up to one year“, according to the game’s Steam store page. However, this is dependent on how much player feedback they receive. According to the developers, “If you’re willing to offer feedback, we’re happy to take it. Seriously!” You can check out the trailer for it here.

Lilith Odyssey - In-game Screenshot
Image Credit – Chaystar Unlimited

What Is Lilith Odyssey?

Lilith Odyssey is all about the adventures of an alien family migrating across space. After The Great Nacho Wars caused chaos across the cosmos, a corrupt galactic government decided to take whatever it could from the weary and the poor. Intending to escape their clutches and their dying planets, families from across the galaxy attempt to migrate to other planets. You are one of those families doing all that you can to survive.

According to the game’s Steam store page: “The full version will contain new content, features, music, and (hopefully) a smoother and more polished experience. We want to deepen immersive elements by adding more creatures, space stations, spaceships, radio segments, and planet biomes. We’re also considering creating a story mode, real-time space combat, additional alien races, more weather variants, a questing system, and a lighter multiplayer feature that allows players to race against friends via the “ghosts” of their recorded journeys.”

While you should absolutely check out the game’s incredible comprehensive store page, here is some of what you can expect in Lilith Odyssey:

  • Fly the cosmos in your space sailer using the game’s casual flight sim mechanics
  • Explore more than 1000 unique worlds and try your best to gather resources before the deadly Jazgore gets ahold of you
  • Listen to IGG radio as you travel featuring breaking news, “Government approved hits,” and a ton of hilarious adverts
Lilith Odyssey - In-game Screenshot
Lilith Odyssey – In-game Screenshot

Release Date & Price

Lilith Odyssey will be available later today over on Steam. If you’re interested, be sure to grab it while it’s in Early Access to help support the developers.

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