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Retro-Futuristic Bounty Hunter FPS, The Exekiller, Announced

Polish developer Paradark Studio has revealed their upcoming retro-futuristic single-player adventure game, The Exekiller.

If you’re looking for your Fallout: New Vegas or Outer Worlds fix, then The Exekiller from Polish indie studio Paradark Studio might just be for you. According to the developer, The Exekiller is where “retro-futurism and western vibes meet”. Its action-packed and almost unbelievably stylish trailer showcases its stunning Fallout-esque world. While comparisons may be drawn to other, more recent sci-fi titles, The Exekiller looks set to try and differentiate itself with an epic narrative and tons of lore. The CEO of Paradark Studio, Amadeusz Wróbel, spoke about the team’s love for the genre and how The Exekiller came to be. You can watch the game’s reveal trailer here.

“We are fans of westerns, postapo but also dark sci fi, cyberpunk and retro futurism- from mixing these genres Exekiller was born.”

Amadeusz Wróbel ~ Paradark Studio
The Exekiller Screenshot
Image Credit – Paradark Studio

What Is The Exekiller?

The Exekiller is set in the far-flung past of 1998. After the “Great Fire Disaster” wipes out 70% of the population, the rest of the world suddenly becomes beholden to corporations. As a result, people are forced to have a S.O.U.L, a chip that not only contains everything there is to know about you but also controls you. As the titular Exekiller, it’s your job to hunt down outlaws and steal their S.O.U.L.S. But, who knows, in a world as apocalyptic as this, your decisions may not be so black and white. Here’s some of what you can expect in The Exekiller:

  • Explore a retro-futuristic world with a western twist
  • Hunt down outlaws and take them out, or set them free. The choice is yours
  • Shoot, stealth, or talk your way out of tricky situations
  • Utilize your gadgets and the environment around you to aid you in combat
  • Experience an epic single-player narrative where your choices determine how it all unfolds
Image Credit – Paradark Studio

Release Date & Price

There is currently no word as to when The Exekiller will be released. Currently, Steam states 2025, and you can wishlist the game here.