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Flowstone Saga, A New JRPG/Puzzle Hybrid, Launches Onto Kickstarter

Impact Gameworks, the folks behind the roguelike JRPG Tangledeep, has launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming game Flowstone Saga.

Back in August of 2020, Impact Gameworks launched a Kickstarter project for a game called Puzzle Explorers: A Tangledeep Story. It was set in the same universe as their previous title, Tangledeep, and would feature puzzle-based combat. Today, Impact Gameworks has announced that they’ve rebranded the title to Flowstone Saga. This in order to “focus more heavily on and improve the RPG mechanics!” While the game has been in development for three years, they have launched the Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funding to continue polishing and improving the game with additional art, animation, music and features.

What Is Flowstone Saga?

Flowstone Saga is a JRPG/Puzzle hybrid game set in the same universe as the critically acclaimed title Tangledeep. Inspired by classic 16-bit JRPGs, Flowstone Saga is a unique spin on the classic JRPG formula, combining Tetris style gameplay with active-time combat. Essentially, you and your opponent take turns attacking while the main character, Mirai, controls the flow of battle by using the “puzzle board”. For each line you clear on the puzzle board, you’ll deal damage to a monster. However, should you clear multiple lines at once, you’ll deliver a much more powerful blow. The developers explain on their Kickstarter page that they want the game to be accessible to everyone. In order to achieve this, they’ve implemented a “Hold Mode”, which removes the real-time aspect of combat and allows you to plan out your moves carefully.

Flowstone Saga - Gameplay
Image Credit – Impact Gameworks

There is a treasure trove of details carefully laid out on the Kickstarter page, which is always reassuring. It’s clear that the developers are confident in their idea, fleshing out each detail down to the blood type of the characters. If you want to get a complete understanding of the individual systems, characters and stories present in Flowstone Saga, then head on over to their Kickstarter page. But for those looking for a quick breakdown, here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Fight against over 100 different foes in the puzzle-based combat system
  • Experience an epic narrative focused on a continent-wide conflict
  • Explore the visually stunning islands of Ocean’s End in search for treasure and resources
  • Uncover ancient puzzles and secrets scattered across dozens of handcrafted maps and dungeons
  • Meet the colourful cast of characters and help them build the town of New Riverstone
  • Listen to the epic soundtrack with over 50 songs
Image Credit – Impact Gameworks

Release Date & Price

The Kickstarter is currently active and will be running until the 9th of June. If you head on over there, you can currently get the limited Pioneering Explorer tier. This is $15/£11 and gets you a digital key, beta access, the digital soundtrack, your name in the credits and a backer-exclusive wallpaper. This tier is limited to 500 backers, and once it’s gone, the next tier is $20/£15 with the same rewards. If you fancy splashing out, you can pick up the OC-do-not-steal Explorer tier for $2000/£1427. This will net you a whole slew of rewards, but most importantly lets you design your own character and side story with the developers.

Flowstone Saga is launching in the Summer of 2022 for PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch. However, if you simply cannot wait to try it out, there is a demo currently available over on the Kickstarter page. So, you can try before you buy. Will you be supporting this Kickstarter? Let us know down in the comments below.